Sunday, May 22, 2011

More every day things

2011-04-28_08-42-38_2214/28 - A photo I liked of me.

2011-04-28_08-42-53_546Still don’t have my wires on my braces. I got them put on right after we went to the dermatologist below.

2011-04-28_08-58-54_324Joe and I took Justin to the dermatologist to get his warts taken care of. They put ‘beetle juice’ on it, which causes them to blister and irritates the wart and makes it go away.

2011-04-28_18-04-19_401This was TWO warts and after he did the beetle juice it literally grew this big. It was HUGE. Justin called it a jelly bean. I’m seriously not kidding.

After we went to the dermatologist and waited an HOUR to see him, we then went to the orthodontist to get my wires put on. By the time they were done I felt like I was going to die. That stupid pain meds made me so sick I had to go home and sleep it off.

2011-04-28_19-42-10_678We must have gone on a walk this evening and when we did we realized that the golfers were STILL out late. So we turned around and went back home.

C360_2011-04-28 16-00-03.ShareI laid around so much trying to recoup from the teeth being pulled and mostly the medicine that didn’t agree with me. Here is Sasha, who decided to make herself right at home next to me.

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