Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just a day in the life of….

2011-04-25_07-59-25_480From 4/25 - This is what a normal day dropping off Joey at school and trying to leave the drop off zone looks like.

2011-04-25_08-09-44_321Emma is Justin’s friend (or in his eyes, girlfriend). She LOVES it when I take photos of her and Justin in the morning.

2011-04-25_08-10-10_351Justin and Emma.

2011-04-25_08-10-20_636Emma being silly.

2011-04-25_08-10-53_93Emma being silly again !

2011-04-25_08-32-40_853A normal day at work….

bd0e013e86b8d3f6dbe855282bca1ffcThis is what it looks like down one of the streets by me. I LOVE how the trees overhang the street.

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