Monday, May 30, 2011

Food photos 5/2

So what is my favorite food? Pierogies. Everyone always asks me what they are so here is a good idea. You can find these are most grocery stores and the homemade ones that the Polish people make are the best! I love mine fried in olive oil and served with sour cream. YUMMO.

2011-05-02_12-00-26_894Mrs T’s Potato & Cheddar Pierogies. The potato and onion ones are great too.

2011-05-02_12-03-46_646My fridge – it really needs to be cleaned out. Oh and see the drawer sitting and not hanging like it should be? That is what happens when your child HANGS on the drawer and busts the part that it hangs from. I called whirlpool and it would cost $100 to get the new drawer assembly just to fix the broken part on the side. NO THANKS. Seriously – $100?

2011-05-02_12-04-18_304Pierogies. YUMMMMMOOOOOO

Awesome_ViewThe wallpaper I used for my phone. Love that.

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