Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Day–the aftermath

After we had an awesome Easter brunch we all played kickball.

2011-04-24_13-27-13_770Justin was super mad at us. He somehow got dirt all over his face. When he got up to kick the ball we all started laughing at him. He didn’t have a clue why and started crying. I took this photo to show him his face and it took awhile to calm him down.

2011-04-24_13-29-08_888Playing kickball.

2011-04-24_14-23-08_528Justin and Kylie are cold and tired. We went home and everyone took naps.

2011-04-24_15-09-07_290Random shot of the entry way.

2011-04-24_18-06-56_593Since everyone was recharged after naps, we decided to plant our new plants. The boys were ecstatic and insisted on helping.

2011-04-24_18-07-00_467Another pic of them helping.

2011-04-24_18-51-48_980Finished – new mulch and the flowers planted!

5118485e8188c9b4412677a6ccd2d875My caladiums in the planters in the front of the house.

974870556e58877868081d7c7729d427My daisies. The bastard rabbits ate all of these down to the nub within a few days.

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