Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter brunch and egg hunt with friends

IMG_47524/24 - Denise with Kylie. Kylie is actually Kim’s daughter and Denise is Joey’s soccer coach and our friend.

IMG_4760All the kids trying to pose for a NICE picture. We tried.

IMG_4773Silly faces!

IMG_4779You can tell how much Denise loves her son, Blake.

IMG_4781Denise and her son, Blake.

IMG_4790We did an egg hunt. Here is Joey and Kylie running to get eggs.

IMG_4794Justin found another egg.

IMG_4801Caden found an egg (Kim’s son).

IMG_4807Caden cracking open the egg to eat the candy inside.

IMG_4811Kim and Kylie

IMG_4818The guys – from left – Jansen (Kim’s husband), Denise’s husband Eric, and Joe. Joe and Eric were being silly. Denise told them to pose like that. Too funny. A smart man does what his wife asks!

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