Monday, May 23, 2011

Day in the life of 4/30

3b4aff4dfb9c3e85c8f303388d251241I was playing with a program called camera 360 on my camera. It has this dream like effect that is really flattering!

2011-04-30_13-10-02_855These are the library bags my mom KNIT the boys. They are both green. They use them every other week when we take our books back to the library and check out new books.

2011-04-30_13-16-58_448The boys carrying their bags.

2011-04-30_13-17-18_904Justin holding his bag (and his crotch from the looks of it). Joey was yelling him and telling him he holds his bag like a woman holds a purse!

2011-04-30_19-43-02_145The park by Joey’s school that the boys enjoy playing at.

2011-04-30_20-49-51_656We realized that the kids bats and Joey’s glove was too small, so we took a LATE trip to Dick’s sporting goods to get new bats and a new glove. Joe was in heaven.

2011-04-30_20-50-03_99Joey showing off his new bat.

2011-04-30_20-50-21_869Justin showing off his new bat.

2011-04-30_20-55-25_149Happy kiddos!

2011-04-30_21-07-27_736Of course since we were in Allen at the new mall already shopping at Dick’s, we HAD to stop at one of our favorite frozen yogurt places! Yummilicious!

2011-04-30_21-07-49_806My yogurt. I like tarro, avacado, mango and coconut – all the tart flavors.

2011-04-30_21-08-42_990The condiments bar.

2011-04-30_21-08-56_874Yummo. I usually skip over most of this.

IMG00165-20110430-1827Joe wanted me to take a photo of this steak perfection!

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