Saturday, May 14, 2011

A day in the life …. 4/23

4cb30c7b149e31a61cb0eb543f94fbedNew mulch for the flower beds.

7c360ef5a7e7ac375a4a5f324684d1ecThis is what the Easter bunny delivered!


New flowers

2011-04-23_12-48-40_796Where Joe gets his dry cleaning done.

2011-04-23_13-19-13_722This is the teacher supply store we go to. We love it here. They have so many cool things!

2011-04-23_15-52-08_197Justin getting used to riding his bike without training wheels.

2011-04-23_17-24-09_496Going to Petsmart for cat food.

2011-04-23_19-02-09_774Justin helping us make dinner. He’s been quite the helper lately.

c1a4f2970689a5153679f8e36b1076c1Before in the backyard. We got a few new plants.

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