Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another day in the life of, and baseball gear

So I'm using this new application for my phone called foursquare. What you do is your gps on your phone recognizes where you are, and you 'check-in' online via this application to these places you visit and if you visit them more than anyone else you become the ‘mayor’. I guess it's just a fun application to see where my friends are, have them see where I am, and to pass time.

One of the things I like to do is to upload photos of the places I check into. It's been forcing me to take photos of every day things. Things that will change in 15 years time, but we take for granted now. So below, and in previous posts, I've taken photos of every day things - like Joey's school, the overhang of trees during a drive home, etc just so I can remember these little pieces of my life years down the road.

Photos from 4/26

2011-04-26_07-53-46_672This is what the bike rack looks like at Joey’s school.

2011-04-26_08-06-41_385Justin and Emma again. Justin holding his mini turtle pillow pet, which he brings to school every day.

2011-04-26_08-07-39_4Emma and Justin. She’s so cute.

2011-04-26_08-21-31_663Making my breakfast Рusually saut̩ed mushrooms, one egg and egg beaters on a low carb Рhigh fiber tortilla.

2011-04-26_15-13-49_236I love my formal dining room.

2011-04-26_16-49-05_131Joey’s soccer practice. He’s in black with green shorts.

2011-04-26_20-49-16_773Joey and Justin posing for a picture they requested that I take.

2011-04-26_20-50-28_388Kali and I. She’s a lover.

2011-04-26_20-50-36_794My smile with braces.

2011-04-26_20-51-48_241Kali and I!


2011-04-26_20-53-16_340Joey and I.

2011-04-26_20-53-22_801Joey and I.

Lightning In Clouds_29One of the wallpapers I downloaded online and I used for my cell phone. It’s sweet!!

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