Monday, May 30, 2011

5/7– Birthday Parties

5/7 was birthday party day. Joey had soccer that morning, then Justin had a birthday party from 1:30 – 3 and then Joey had a party later that afternoon at 4. We couldn’t miss either party! Justin’s party was for his girl Emma, in which you’ve already seen many photos for.

Joey’s party was for Evan G – he is on Joey’s soccer team and I took photos of him and his sister Katie.

I didn’t have birthday cards handy so I went up into my scrapbook room and got a little creative. I loved the results so much I had to take photos!

2011-05-07_11-47-54_573Card for Emma – The flower says EMMA on the petals and a number 5 on the bottom.

2011-05-07_11-59-02_18This birthday card I made for Evan. We call him the ‘Greene Machine’ – hence the name on the card.

2011-05-07_12-42-22_900Justin INSISTED I make a card for Katie – So I made her this card and told her how special she is. We love Katie and she is so good with Justin.

2011-05-07_14-04-04_601At Emma’s birthday party – they had the fun bus come. The fun bus is a school bus with all the seats ripped out and the kids get to do a lot of exercise/fun fit type obstacle courses inside.

2011-05-07_14-56-23_949The kids exiting the school bus.

Let me also add that we got Emma a mini unicorn pillow pet. Justin was with me when we bought it. I told him that it was a secret! Don’t tell her what we got her or it won’t be a surprise.

A couple days later Justin started to talk about what her gift was right in front of her. I cut him off. I said, ‘Emma, do you know what Justin is getting you for you birthday?’ She replied, ‘Yes I do – He got me a unicorn pillow pet.’

Justin and I had a talk about telling secrets and Emma told him that she DIDN’T want to know what she got and was mad at him. I guess you can call that a mommy fail. Never take your four year old with you to the store to buy a present for their friend they see every day. Justin was bursting at the seams to tell her and finally just told her.

The day of her party Justin and I also rode our bikes to Emma’s house. It was actually a very hot day, and he did great. This was his first real bike ride. On the way home we tried to get our bikes across the street and I told him when he got to the other side he had to pull up at the top of the front of the bike. Instead he ran the bike full force into the curb, trying to get out of the road as quickly as possible, and the bike bounced back extremely hard and the handle bar hit him right under the eye. The poor child had a black eye for a few days. He learned very quickly that he has to pull up on the bike and the next time we crossed the street, he knew exactly how to get his bike back up on the curb and onto the sidewalk.

Joey was invited to a birthday party for a friend at sidekicks. It was a small party. Joey enjoyed himself and loved breaking the board.

Afterwards the boys were very impressed that I used to be a black belt sensei (teacher). They ask me about it all the time.

2011-05-07_16-39-01_70Joey listening to the black belt.

2011-05-07_16-40-10_817Boys listening to instructions.

Short video of Joey breaking a board. He was so excited.

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