Monday, May 30, 2011

5/3–Lunch and Doctor visits…

2011-05-03_10-46-34_672Joey has lunch at 10:30, which, in my opinion, is the most awful time anyone could have lunch! Sometimes I’ll go to the school and spend 1/2 hour with him and bring him Sonic. Here he is having lunch with me. His favorite is grilled cheese sandwich.

2011-05-03_10-46-57_66Joey with his new cup pals (see the things hanging on his cup?)

2011-05-03_10-54-27_463Joey and I


2011-05-03_11-05-11_61Check out that park job? Up on the curb!

2011-05-03_16-51-46_523My cat Kali

2011-05-03_17-51-23_197Coach sent us home from soccer practice and told me to take Joey to the doctor – since it looked like he had chicken pox. These are what his spots looked like.

They weren’t chicken pox – they were CHIGGERS! These are little bugs that you can’t see with the human eye and cause major itching.

She told me to give him a bath with 3 capfuls of bleach, then to paint clean nail polish on any bump that looks irritated. The only bad thing about that is these open sores sting when you do.

They also have chiggerex at Walmart. We bought some of that to use as well.

2011-05-03_17-55-56_254Joey and his poor chigger bites :(

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