Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos from 5/14 baseball game

My favorite photos I took from the baseball game on 5/14.IMG_5368Joey batting with the ball coming right up to the bat.

IMG_5381The catcher in full catcher gear.

IMG_5440Cameron – He’s very photogenic.

IMG_5454Cameron getting ready to smash the ball.

IMG_5482Joey who is not very happy it is so cold out. I think it was in the high 40s.

IMG_5511Joe pitching.

IMG_5518Zane getting ready to bat.

IMG_5543Charlie swinging at the ball.














IMG_5624Joe with Joey

IMG_5641The catcher tagging the base out as the runner runs in.

IMG_5647Team photo

IMG_5654Goofy team photo (true personalities shine through!)

IMG_5663Team photo with the coaches.

IMG_5667Goofy team photo with the coaches!

Photos Amy took…

Coach Mike’s wife, Amy, took the following photos from 5/14 baseball game.

IMG_0700Joe pitching.

IMG_0730Joey running home.

IMG_0761Joey batting

IMG_0764Joey swinging.


Justin and Emma

5/13 - Emma LOVES it when I take photos of her and Justin in the morning when I drop Justin off. Justin says Emma is his girlfriend. She is also very possessive of me and my camera only taking photos of her and Justin. Anyone else try to get in the photos and back off! She cracks me up.

2011-05-13_08-06-05_724Justin with his turtle pillow pet and his friend Emma.

2011-05-13_08-06-13_756Emma being a goof ball.

2011-05-13_08-07-42_44Justin being a goof ball.

2011-05-13_08-08-00_630Justin and Emma.

Shoes, Storms and Hawaiian Day


On 5/11 we had to buy Joe new shoes. His literally split on the bottom and I told him he could NOT wear them to work anymore.

We went to famous footwear, and Justin fell in love with these sketchers shoes. The issue was we had just bought him other new tennis shoes and sandals so we were not about to plop down another $40 on another pair of tennis shoes.

We had just sold Justin’s toy kitchen we had bought the previous summer and gave him the money that we got from selling it. He didn’t know what to spend his money on so he decided to save it.

He was hell bent on getting these shoes so I told him if he wanted them then he could take his $40 he got from selling his kitchen to buy them. He instantly said yes. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to spend all his $40 on a pair of shoes. He enthusiastically said yes again. So we had his feet measured and we walked out with a $40 pair of sketchers that he bought for himself.

I do have to admit – the shoes are totally cool. I tried to take a photo above of the lights going off on the shoes. The top and sides of the shoes light up as he walks. He was the coolest kid in class the next day when he wore those shoes to school and for the new few days he told everyone about his cool new shoes.

2011-05-11_20-10-57_251The way the sky looked after a storm rolled through. Everything was cast in a yellow glow. I love this photo.

2011-05-12_07-52-51_705The next day on 5/12 was Hawaiian day at school. I dressed Joey in Hawaiian shorts and spiked his hair to have a surfer look!

Coffee, my love/hate relationship


Coffee, oh how I love and hate you.

Growing up my mother asked me to make her coffee quite often. I hated making coffee and my mother could drink it 24 hours a day (I’m not exaggerating). I tried it a few times and never figured out why people liked it so much. It was so bitter and nasty. Ick.

This past year I tried it a few more times. I found that for me, I have to have a few packets of splenda (or two tsp of sugar) and about 2 tbsp of fat free vanilla liquid creamer. I also have to have at least three ice cubes in it.

And that is how I like coffee – finally!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Any guesses?

On 5/9, when Beth was cutting Justin’s hair, I told her – OMG (oh my gosh) who does he look like? I had him do the whole hands on the face below to imitate a famous actor in a very famous film from the 80s.


1181314Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone

Too funny. We cracked up for awhile about that!

Safari Park in Southlake

We had a groupon (it’s a coupon you get online for 1/2 off local places) and it expired on 5/10 and the last day we could possibly use it was on Mother’s day. We gathered everyone in the van and drove to Southlake, Texas.

The safari park was ok. It’s this building that has a train, ball pit, and indoor put put and a few other things. The boys seemed to enjoy it. I think we stayed for about two to three hours. Honestly, I think they liked the burger king playland across the street just as much as they liked safari park.

Here are photos from the safari park adventure.

2011-05-08_15-19-28_595The climbing area and ball pits.

IMG_5335Justin enjoying the ball pit.

IMG_5336Joey playing put put.

IMG_5337Joey posing because I asked him to smile.

IMG_5338Justin smiling for me. His shirt is a safari shirt with safari animals on it and of course I planned it that way!

IMG_5341Justin playing put put.

IMG_5343This was the hardest thing to get the ball into. It was a dome and every time the ball went up, it came right back down. Justin got very frustrating and was hell bent on figuring it out. Finally he took the golf club, balanced the ball on it and guided it into the hole. There – DONE!

IMG_5346The mural was cool. Joe was kind and posed for me.

IMG_5350Justin in the ball pit.

IMG_5351Joey in the ball pit. There was this girl, just about Joey’s age that was playing with Joey most of the time. You can tell she liked Joey a lot. It was so adorable (she is not pictured here).

IMG_5365The safari train.

IMG_5366Justin on the safari train. Joey wouldn’t ride.

C360_2011-05-08 12-08-15And a random photo of me from that day that I liked.