Friday, April 8, 2011

Wheels–Big wheels and little wheels!

On 4/2 we took the kids down the street to the new firestone that was opening because “Big Foot” the monster truck was there.

By the time we got to firestone it was after 5 and all the festivities were over but we were able to get right up close to the monster truck and the bounce house was still open and NO ONE was in it! SCORE for the kids!

They had a blast bouncing to their hearts content in the bounce house.

Joe and I couldn’t believe how big the monster truck actually was. The tires were taller than Joey!

IMG_3035Justin in front of the monster truck.

2011-04-02_17-27-00_621Joey hugging his brother.

IMG_3038Joey and Justin by the HUGE monster truck.

IMG_3039Justin is so funny. I think the sun was in his eyes.

Justin wanted to ride his bike so Joe suggested we try it without training wheels since he has been riding his scooter and balancing it for at least a year now.

IMG_3042Taking off…

IMG_3044A little wobbly

IMG_3045There he goes!!

IMG_3051Justin riding his bike without training wheels!

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