Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sports Photo Shoot

This is the second photo shoot I’ve done for Katie. I’ve been told this is Katie’s last year of soccer on this team so her mom, Amy, asked if I could come take photos again.

I LOVE taking photos of her team. The older girls have more action and a bigger field than Joey’s league. It’s really fun to watch their games.

I wasn’t as happy with these photos as I was with Joey’s soccer photos from the same day on 4/16. I may go back and do a photo shoot of another one of Katie’s games. It happened that the game was at 9:30am and I couldn’t take photos from the angle I wanted because of where the sun was so I had all the parents in the background, which tended to get a little busy.

**Note – if you click on the photo it opens the photo up for a more detailed view.

IMG_3586That looks painful to be sandwiched between those two girls.

IMG_3656Goalie kicks off.

IMG_3668Goal and a high five!

IMG_3709Katie showing her soccer skills.

IMG_3861Another kickoff by the Goalie.

IMG_3908This is one of my favorite photos of Katie’s teammate.

IMG_3991I love the action in this one too.

IMG_4033Love this action shot of Katie.


Kickoff and you can see the white on the field flying up.

IMG_4116Fancy footwork.

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