Monday, April 18, 2011

Soccer Photos 4/9

I'm always taking photos at the soccer games. I think the parents on the team are so excited that they have a photographer on the team that shares the photos of their kids after each game.

I love taking these photos and trying to see how many great photos I can take.

Here are my favorites from 4/9.

IMG_3126Evan kicking

IMG_3146Evan after kickoff

IMG_3163Joey running after the ball.

IMG_3167Joey has the ball.

IMG_3169Joey got there first. He is fast.

IMG_3203Joey’s kick off

IMG_3226Evan K on the ball.

IMG_3242Joula on the ball with his team backing him up.

IMG_3251Evan K on the ball.

IMG_3293Evan G on the ball. He has the greatest expressions.

IMG_3308Evan playing defense.

IMG_3318Evan G running after the ball. Tongue out!

IMG_3322Evan G playing defense.

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