Friday, April 8, 2011

The sickies…again

Why does it seems like our kids are always sick? I sanitize their hands when they get in the car from the park, from school, etc. We wash our hands when we get home from running errands and it does not matter – my children are still sick all the time.

On 4/1 Joey had a 101.8 fever. I ran him right to the Dr. who tested him for flu and strep and both were negative. He just had a ‘virus’.

We also took him back to the Dr. on Sunday (our doctor has Sunday hours) and they said just let him ride it out. His fever got to 103.8 Sunday. He had a fever Monday and finally broke it on Tuesday. Phew!

2011-04-01_09-16-39_945Joey at his doctors office. He was smiling, but he really wasn’t feeling good at all.

2011-04-01_09-25-51_700Mom, I’m freezing (chills)

2011-04-01_11-06-46_324We babysit the neighbor’s guinea pigs for her while she was gone. This is Mariah. There was also a piggy named Juice. Both females and both totally captured the hearts of my two boys. They loved feeding and playing with them!

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