Monday, April 18, 2011

Roses in Texas

On 4/8 - One of the grand things about being in Texas is the ability to grow knockout roses. These are rose bushes that grow magnificently. Here is a photo of mine. I put the BIG one in about two years ago. It was small – maybe about a foot tall. Now it’s about six feet tall and has a bunch of beautiful roses on it. I have to trim this bush back every year or I suppose it could grow into a tree. It loves my back yard where it gets some all day long. I love to go into the backyard so I can look at it. It’s definitely the focal point of the backyard.


The smaller red rose was also a knockout rose but the big one was so large it overcrowded it and I had to transplant it twice – so it’s just NOW starting to grow large.

Can I also say that I love the fact that it’s April and these are in full bloom and bloom ALL SUMMER and into the fall? I love these!!

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