Friday, April 8, 2011


Random pics of me, that is.

2011-03-29_13-14-06_976This was me on 3/29.

2011-03-31_07-34-17_380These are on 3/31. I love this top.

2011-03-31_11-46-04_548I love my poppy pin that Vann made me.

2011-03-31_12-06-52_532I made it a point to take more photos of me. Most people who blog or take photos never take any of themselves, so I make sure, now and then, to take some of me too!

2011-03-30_21-37-32_765And for those that think I’m perfect (and some of my friends do) this will prove that even I have a sink of dirty dishes now and then and no motivation to clean them.

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