Monday, April 11, 2011

Random every day photos…

Sometimes it’s good to pick up the camera and take photos of just every day type situations, instead of just photos from birthdays and holidays.

I love to take photos of every day stuff. Since joining foursquare (the app for my phone where I can check into business which I blogged about below under favorite droid apps) I take photos of the places that I’m going to for errands or I’ll take photos of the kids and I in the place of business.

I would think 20 years from now the people, places, fashions, items in these building will change drastically. That is why I love taking these random, everyday, shots of our lives.

Photos from 4/5 and 4/6.

2011-04-04_19-37-47_509Justin ASKED me to take a photo of him and Joe.

2011-04-05_23-14-13_264Joey still had a cough so I had him sleep in the guest room so he wouldn’t disturb Justin’s sleep (normally they sleep on bunk beds in the same room). Justin decided that two days without sleeping with Joey was too much and begged to sleep with him too. We told him that Joey was coughing and may interrupt his sleep and he didn’t care. So we let them sleep in the same bed. You can see they are snug as bugs in a rug. SOO cute.

That green blankie is a blanket I got from Kirklands that he claimed as his. He carries it to school and back every day for nap/bedtime so he can sleep with it. He is in love with that blanket!

2011-04-06_15-00-43_322Joey at school – his first day back after FOUR full days of fever (Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon). He had Tuesday off because he had the fever Monday and they need to be 24 hours fever free before going back to school. So Wednesday was his first day back!

2011-04-06_19-50-02_957Joey had baseball practice Wednesday night so we hit up Mooyah for dinner after practice. Mooyah is a place that you can build your own burger. This was Joe’s burger. I got the low fat turkey burger which was excellent. The boys like eating here too. It’s somewhat like Five Guys burgers.

2011-04-06_20-02-20_563Justin wanted to be cool with Joey’s baseball hat. Joe wanted me to turn his hat around because he hates the White Sox and didn’t want it shown in the photo. It just happens to be the team name Joey plays baseball on this season.

2011-04-06_22-32-50_817Joe was pretty tired and passed out on the couch! Too much baseball practice and work in one day!

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