Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photo shoot

I believe I’m a good photographer and I’m definitely better than the average ‘Joe’ but I don’t feel I’m ‘great’ or ‘great’ enough to do photography on my own. In the meantime I’m working on building my portfolio and getting experience shooting photos of my friends – for free.

I’ve done sports, adults and children. This was my shot at doing a photo shoot of a close friend’s children. I wanted to ‘borrow’ her daughter to do photos in bluebonnets.

I was pretty lucky because when I did the photo shoot the bluebonnets were no where as good as they were the week before when I did the photos of my boys, but the daisies were great!

Here are the photos. I love how they turned out. I just have to get better at working on eye glass glare.


IMG_4523Katie, closer.

IMG_4582Katie and her brother.

IMG_4587Katie from the side.

IMG_4592Katie, close up. I love this one. The sun glows off her hair and the daisies are gorgeous in the background.

IMG_4631-1Smelling the blue bonnets.

IMG_4640I love the serious look on this one. I liked it better than the smiling one she also did. Gives a more innocent child like look.

IMG_4649Love this one with the blue bonnets in the front and the trees in the back.

IMG_4662-2Katie’s brother, Evan.

IMG_4686At dusk.

IMG_4689Another at dusk. This one is a bit softer in lighting.

IMG_4692Love the expressions in this one.

I had a great time doing their photography!

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