Saturday, April 9, 2011

Monster trucks and a photo shoot

On 4/3 we went back to Firestone to see the Monster truck crush cars at 2pm.

We got there and we were surprised at how few people were there. We got a great spot right in the front row and waiting.

The monster truck didn’t disappoint. It was loud and fierce. Isn’t that pic awesome below?

Justin is back into monster trucks again and plays with his collection all the time. He plays with them in the sand box, they go with us on errands and they even go into the shower.

2011-04-03_14-05-45_393Bigfoot jumping/crushing cars!

2011-04-03_14-07-13_315Joe and Justin.

Later that evening, right before dusk, I went over my friend Vicki’s house so I could take a few head shots of her for a bio for a website. I think they turned out really nicely.


IMG_3076Vicki with her little boy ‘H’. I love this pic.

IMG_3090An indoor shot

IMG_3083Vicki and H giving kisses.

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