Monday, April 11, 2011

The house–version April 2011

Photos taken 4/3-4/4.

I love taking house photos. I think part of it is because it changes so much year to year. We tend to change the decorations, we get bored and move stuff around, put in new flooring, paint, etc. I love taking photos of the house and comparing them to years past.

2011-04-03_21-42-03_836The kitchen. Since last year I moved the fish tank next to the fridge, got my new vacuum next to the fridge and there is new stuff on the fridge – like a menu planning calendar which we use and the kid’s artwork.

2011-04-03_21-59-43_46Dining room table. Not much here changed. Same table. Used to be Joe’s mothers.

2011-04-03_22-03-03_339The main hallway. My parents got me the welcome sign with the Texas Star. My neighbor, Michelle, suggested where to put it.

2011-04-03_22-03-55_928The formal dining. Not sure but the tree in the corner may be a new addition, as well as the centerpiece on the table.

2011-04-03_22-04-51_315We had the table and chairs in a different location last year. The lamp is new and was freecycled to us. Simple Ikea furniture.

2011-04-03_22-10-29_224The shower curtain is new. Joe’s mom got it for me for Christmas. I love how it matches the bathroom.

2011-04-03_22-29-58_997The stuff on the mantle is mostly new. Not much else changed I don’t think.

2011-04-03_22-33-14_97We put in new flooring in the scrapbook room. I also changed around where the desk is and the shelves behind it back to the way it was when we were here the first year. Last year the desk was against the wall and the shelves were on the far right wall.

2011-04-03_22-52-37_763This is one of four full bathrooms. We use this one just for the cat’s place to ‘go’. We downsized from 3 litter boxes to 2 when TyTy passed. One is in the shower behind the curtain and the other is right in front of the toilet.

2011-04-03_22-54-45_459The main entry the other way. I think last year the plant at the stairway broke in half and we had to replace it so it’s new.

2011-04-04_17-58-23_378This is what it looks like when I setup for our barbell blast class. The photo is missing the weight bar. We use that as well. I love this class.

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