Saturday, April 9, 2011

Favorite Droid Apps

As you know I’m in love with my Droid X cell phone. It’s big and powerful and it has a slew of apps that I can run on it. The only downside is I wish it had a real keyboard, instead of a touchscreen, but with the invention of swype, it makes it easier to type quicker. Swype, by the way, is a keyboard interface where you can drag your finger across the words and it figures out exactly what word you are spelling.


1. Foursquare - My first favorite app is foursquare. It uses your GPS on your phone to track your location. You check into different businesses and if you check in there enough, you become the ‘mayor’ of that location. You can check into roads (great for those with long commutes), stores, your gym, and even your house. Only your friends can see your check ins. I love going around town and checking in everywhere and getting points and trying to get more points than my friends. It’s also kinda fun knowing with my friends are up to. Believe it or not, this app makes it fun to do errands! Some business even give special discounts to users!

Words with Friends

2. Words with Friends! It finally became available for the droid so you can play your iphone friends. I love this game and seeing if I can kick my friend’s butts!


The other game I like that is just like this, but not as buggy or flashy, is called WordFeud. This game is just as fun. Both games you can play random opponents or find out your friend’s user names and play them.

*Note – these are just random images from google images – not my username.


3. Weatherbug widgets - I love the weatherbug widget. See how you can add multiple locations to your phone desktop? I have an icon for 1. Current location 2. My city 3. City in Idaho for a friend 4. City in Nebraska for a friend and 5. Michigan – where my parents live. I can see at a glance how my weather compares to theirs – if they are getting rain, if it’s cold or if they have any severe weather alerts. I love this feature!


4. Pandora – I LOVE pandora. We love it so much we paid $30 for the year for unlimited access and Joe and I both use it. The great thing about pandora is it learns your taste in music. You suggest a station based on an artist. As it plays that artist it will find another like it – and you can either like the song (thumbs up) or dislike the song (thumbs down) and this is how it learns your taste. For example, this app is not for playing all Pink Floyd music – it mixes up music based on what you like. If you use it correctly with the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons then it will be an awesome station for you to listen to! You can see my station on the sidebar on the right if you wanted to listen to mine. Also – keep in mind you only have so many dislike song allowances per hour so don’t dislike everything. If you are disliking everything, go into your station and suggest artists you like. It’s easy to use and great for streaming music at the gym, or even when you are cleaning your house!


5. Facebook. I’m addicted to facebook and love to take photos with my phone and upload directly to facebook and update my statuses. That is why this is why it’s one of my favorite apps for my phone.


6. Tweetdeck for droid. If you use foursquare, twitter and/or facebook then this app does them all. You can setup tweetdeck to notify you of when someone posts a new update for either facebook, twitter or a friend checks into foursquare. You can also turn off notifications, or have it just visually notify you. You can update your status and have it update twitter, facebook and foursquare all at once. I love the notification on this app when a new post is posted or someone checks in.


7. Whatsapp - Probably one of my most favorite apps is Whatsapp. It’s a messenger service/chat like blackberry messenger. It allows you to send images, videos, locations, and it has fun emoticons you can send. This is an example above – not my messenger. I HIGHLY suggest this for chatting with your friends.


8. Google calendar widget – I love my google calendar. Without it I’d be totally lost. The calendar widget in droid works off your google calendar. You can add a color for each family member and then when you see your calendar – you know who has the appointment. This has saved me. I put in my kid’s soccer schedules, including what fields they are on, doctor appointments, my work meetings, etc. I can look at the desktop of my phone and know exactly what is going on that day! I can even add new appointments from my phone and it syncs with google calendar.

What are YOUR favorite applications for your phone?

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Carolyn F said...

I've had my droid less than a month, but I am LOVING foursquare!