Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dentist visits for the boys

What were you scared of as a child? Was it the dentist?

When I was a kid I was terrified of needles (most children are) and when I had cavities filled they would drill my teeth without numbing them. I refused to get the shot to numb my mouth so they drilled without pain medicine. This made me so terrified of the dentist that I would literally SHAKE when I would go for teeth cleanings.

I didn’t want this experience for my kids. We found a really great dentist by us (Texas Pediatric Dentistry) for the boys – it’s a pediatric dentist and they love Dr. Tim. They are so good with the kids as they only work on children. Justin got right in the chair and was great the entire time. There was one time he didn’t like what she was putting on his teeth (the fluoride) but she told him if he was good he could get his prize afterwards and so he behaved.

Joey was really good as well. Up until now Joey had so-so visits with another dentist so this was a big step for him. I think it helped to be the ‘big brother’ and show his younger brother he was just as brave.

Joey ended up with one cavity – and Justin with none. They were happy with how the kids are brushing and showed Joey how to floss, which he does by himself every evening.

2011-04-07_15-29-59_620Justin watching the movie playing on the ceiling.

2011-04-07_15-37-33_106Justin doing a great job getting his teeth cleaned.

2011-04-07_15-38-50_289Joey and the hygienist.


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Oswald McKisson said...

One of the scariest things that a person could have faced as a kid was seeing the dentist. But as you grown older, you will realize that going to the dentist is not as bad as you think.

Oswald Mckisson