Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boy’s soccer

I have to say these are my favorite soccer photos to date of Joey’s soccer team. They also played the best yet this year. They passed, they scored. Joey scored one goal and was assisted on another. He had excellent defense. From 4/16.

IMG_4149Joey controlling the ball.

IMG_4183Evan – love this one with the ball in front of him.

IMG_4198Joey in control of the ball again.

IMG_4215Love the expression of the kid in front of Joey.

IMG_4224Joey kicked the ball and caused the referee to jump out of the way.

IMG_4225Love this one of the intensity by the goal with Evan K.

IMG_4254Evan G with the ball.

IMG_4265Love Evan G’s expressions with tongue hanging out.

IMG_4322Evan G - Goal!

IMG_4329Coach – Goal!

IMG_4337Evan G with his serious look.

IMG_4351Joey getting the ball from the other team.

IMG_4360Joula going after the ball.


IMG_4431Evan G kicking off.

IMG_4432Evan K kicking off.


IMG_4447Evan kicking off.

IMG_4448Evan K – Kicking off.

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