Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life in the eyes of a four year old boy…

tesla-hot-wheels-450-2-735100I saw this as my 15 year old neighbor’s facebook status which happened today:

5 year old neighbor girl: Justin – do you like my dress?

4 1/2  year old Justin – No, I only like hot wheels.

Sports Photo Shoot

This is the second photo shoot I’ve done for Katie. I’ve been told this is Katie’s last year of soccer on this team so her mom, Amy, asked if I could come take photos again.

I LOVE taking photos of her team. The older girls have more action and a bigger field than Joey’s league. It’s really fun to watch their games.

I wasn’t as happy with these photos as I was with Joey’s soccer photos from the same day on 4/16. I may go back and do a photo shoot of another one of Katie’s games. It happened that the game was at 9:30am and I couldn’t take photos from the angle I wanted because of where the sun was so I had all the parents in the background, which tended to get a little busy.

**Note – if you click on the photo it opens the photo up for a more detailed view.

IMG_3586That looks painful to be sandwiched between those two girls.

IMG_3656Goalie kicks off.

IMG_3668Goal and a high five!

IMG_3709Katie showing her soccer skills.

IMG_3861Another kickoff by the Goalie.

IMG_3908This is one of my favorite photos of Katie’s teammate.

IMG_3991I love the action in this one too.

IMG_4033Love this action shot of Katie.


Kickoff and you can see the white on the field flying up.

IMG_4116Fancy footwork.

Boy’s soccer

I have to say these are my favorite soccer photos to date of Joey’s soccer team. They also played the best yet this year. They passed, they scored. Joey scored one goal and was assisted on another. He had excellent defense. From 4/16.

IMG_4149Joey controlling the ball.

IMG_4183Evan – love this one with the ball in front of him.

IMG_4198Joey in control of the ball again.

IMG_4215Love the expression of the kid in front of Joey.

IMG_4224Joey kicked the ball and caused the referee to jump out of the way.

IMG_4225Love this one of the intensity by the goal with Evan K.

IMG_4254Evan G with the ball.

IMG_4265Love Evan G’s expressions with tongue hanging out.

IMG_4322Evan G - Goal!

IMG_4329Coach – Goal!

IMG_4337Evan G with his serious look.

IMG_4351Joey getting the ball from the other team.

IMG_4360Joula going after the ball.


IMG_4431Evan G kicking off.

IMG_4432Evan K kicking off.


IMG_4447Evan kicking off.

IMG_4448Evan K – Kicking off.

Photo shoot

I believe I’m a good photographer and I’m definitely better than the average ‘Joe’ but I don’t feel I’m ‘great’ or ‘great’ enough to do photography on my own. In the meantime I’m working on building my portfolio and getting experience shooting photos of my friends – for free.

I’ve done sports, adults and children. This was my shot at doing a photo shoot of a close friend’s children. I wanted to ‘borrow’ her daughter to do photos in bluebonnets.

I was pretty lucky because when I did the photo shoot the bluebonnets were no where as good as they were the week before when I did the photos of my boys, but the daisies were great!

Here are the photos. I love how they turned out. I just have to get better at working on eye glass glare.


IMG_4523Katie, closer.

IMG_4582Katie and her brother.

IMG_4587Katie from the side.

IMG_4592Katie, close up. I love this one. The sun glows off her hair and the daisies are gorgeous in the background.

IMG_4631-1Smelling the blue bonnets.

IMG_4640I love the serious look on this one. I liked it better than the smiling one she also did. Gives a more innocent child like look.

IMG_4649Love this one with the blue bonnets in the front and the trees in the back.

IMG_4662-2Katie’s brother, Evan.

IMG_4686At dusk.

IMG_4689Another at dusk. This one is a bit softer in lighting.

IMG_4692Love the expressions in this one.

I had a great time doing their photography!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bluebonnet Photos

4/11 - Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and ever since we moved down here we’ve made sure we have gotten bluebonnet photos with the boys. Most of the time we drive out to Plano to this large field but I’ve noticed there is a field of bluebonnets right by our house.

This year I decided to take my boys there and get a bunch of photos – mostly to continue with tradition and also to build my portfolio. These were my favorites. 




IMG_3369My favorite of Joey



IMG_3385One of my favorites.

IMG_3394Another one of my favorites.