Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Soccer game photos

Saturday the 26th was our third soccer game. It was 80 degrees outside and really pleasant. Everyone was slathered in sunscreen – except me. I put some on my face and neck but I usually do not burn or even tan so I didn’t put anything else on.

Joey did AWESOME defensively and was awesome at keeping the ball out of their goal. At this age they do not have goalies yet.

He also scored one goal. He did great!

IMG_2811Joey following closely on the ball.

IMG_2845His teammate Evan. Love this pic.

IMG_2862Great shot of Joey kicking the ball.

IMG_2871Joey going after the ball.

IMG_2883Justin playing with Kylie.

IMG_2905Evan is the star player on the team. Here he is scoring a goal and a little celebration dance.

IMG_2909Kieffer is in Tai Kwan Do – if you can’t tell by his kicking style. Look at the expression on the kid’s face who is almost getting kicked!

IMG_2926Joey scores! His teammate Joula giving him a celebratory pat.

IMG_2934I love the expression on Evan’s face (we have two Evan’s on the team).

IMG_2940Joey’s tooth was loose and he ran up to us in the middle of the game to tell us. Then he proceeded to play with it during down time.

IMG_2964Another one of those priceless facial expressions.

IMG_3009You would think Joula is in karate too with that kick.

IMG_3020Another shot of Kieffer kicking the ball.

Lately we have been getting Justin involved in cooking dinner. We had a stuffed meatloaf for dinner that night and Justin helped make it and did a great job! One of the benefits of making dinner is you are more apt to eat it! He loved the meatloaf!

IMG_3033Justin helping put everything into the bowl.

IMG_3034The meatloaf being made. Good job boys!

2011-03-26_15-18-07_276I realized that I DO burn – see my arm? Guess I better put on at least spf 15 next time I go out and sit an hour in the sun watching soccer!

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Melissa W. said...

You got some GREAT action shots, girl! Sunscreen is good for the non-cancerous soul. ;)