Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flat Garrett comes to visit from Michigan, and the sickies visit too...

One of my friends from high school sent me a flat Garrett for her son's class. They needed to send him out of Michigan so they chose me! I feel bad we didn't take him around sooner as we have had him a few weeks but he did get to come to soccer practice with us, around town on errands and onto the golf course and to the park! We are just sending him back today!

BTW - the 'flat Stanley' is based off a book of this flat person that looks like you that travels around the world on adventures. The kids are asked to make their own and send it on the adventure. What a fun idea!

Joey during soccer practice holding Flat Garrett and hanging out by his school.

The golf course behind our house. We can walk onto the course from our back yard. You are looking at the first hole.

Joey holding flat Garrett.

The back of our house from the golf course

The boys on the golf course - silhouette

Me that evening playing with my camera on my phone and the different filters it has.

On March 11th we went out and bought a new computer. Our old one was about 3 years old and it was having a hard time opening Quicken, opening photos and processing or even playing games like bejewled. The new one is much nicer!

Saturday - March 12th was errands day. No soccer game because spring break had started so it was a relaxing day.

Me (I like this photo!)

The beautiful flowering trees!

The green fields (I LOVE SPRING!)

And Justin making a blanket out of a long strip of paper. Silly boy!

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday. It was a perfect day to wash the van and the car. I took the van out of the garage and it was really dirty and needed to be washed. Justin and Joey helped me wash the van and then we dried it off and I gave Justin the job of cleaning the windows inside with Windex. He loved this. Then I took the windex and washed every non fabric part of the van. Then I took the little green machine (wet vac) and washed the floors and the seats. The van hasn't looked this good in a long time! We then repeated this for Joe's car - and he said it hasn't looked this good in as long as he could remember! I guess it was time for spring cleaning the vehicles!

We also went on a walk with the boys. Joey always throws a fit about going on a walk, and once we do he doesn't want to go home. We just went around the block but it was nice to get out of the house.

Sunday we were finishing up taking Flat Garrett around our town. We took him by a yucca plant (I think these are so cool). 

Justin by the Yucca plant

Then we went to the park and took flat Garrett along. The boys had a blast playing at the park in the great weather.

Then we took him to the park. Justin with Flat Garrett.

We took our neighbor, Chris, to the park. He's Joey's friend.



Joey being funny.

My cutie.

Blue Eyed Justin. I love his half smile.

Great pic of dad and Justin.

Justin playing with the acorns.

On Monday my dad had his knee replaced. It was a big deal. He had so much pain in his old knee that he couldn't hardly even walk. I'm glad he had the surgery!

That evening we went to the park again. I took my camera again but didn't get the greatest photos. Joe and I played catch and the boys played baseball. 

Justin LOVES to swing.

Joey on the slide.

Yesterday and today I called into work. I felt really lousy and today I went to the dr. and he said I have possible strep and an ear infection. He said he wasn't even going to test for strep since I have an ear infection and he can give me an antibiotic that will attack both the strep and ear infection - it was not necessary to test for the strep for a definite diagnosis. I hope that made sense!

Joe had today off because I was supposed to get my permanent crown put in but they said the dentist was out this week and I would need to reschedule. I was glad he stayed home anyhow because both boys are home (spring break) and I was sick and slept until noon. 

Today my dad came home from the hospital. He told me after he had his knee replaced that when he first went to walk on it that it felt like he had a ton of concrete attached to his foot and it was hard to move. He said he's slowly becoming more mobile but he has a lot of physical therapy ahead of him. 

That's about all from here. Just trying to get feeling better and keep whatever I have away from the rest of the household!

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