Friday, March 25, 2011

More book of me questions…

480943_old_books_1What was your hardest subject?: It was social studies or history. I honestly can tell you I just didn’t care. I had one high school teacher that made history out by giving examples of people in class being certain people in history. I was finally able to grasp some of what happened by thinking about those stories but most of it just didn’t interest me.

What subject was the easiest for you? What (or who) motivated you to love that subject? Mr. Edgeworth in 9th grade biology made me love science. He was hard as HECK but he was a wonderful teacher that loved what he taught.

1157754_optical_microscope_5Then there was Mr. Edgeworth. He taught physics. I loved that class too. In fact, I love it so much I carried my first and only straight A+ all through the year in his class.

I then took advanced Physical (AP = college level) and had my brother’s best friends father tutor me in it. It was a very hard class, but with the tutoring help I did well. Plus his dad loved tutoring me and being challenged himself.

By far, science was my favorite subject. I would say computer class was just about even. I took a basic programming class and fell in love with computers about that time.

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