Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little of this, a little of that and lots of photos!

Thursday March 3rd was a pretty special day for me. Joey showed a lot of interest in birds. I know that sounds weird but when I was growing up I LOVED birds and taught myself to read using bird books. Joey asked for some of my bird books and started to look at them. I was excited he was interested in the same thing I was. He also loves to cut out hummingbirds and Toucans. He managed to cut out a bunch of them and PASTE them on his wall. I knew he wanted to cut them out and put them on his wall but I thought he would use tape - not glue. Either way they are hanging there. We are planning to paint his room in a few weeks so at that time we'll get them off the wall. He was so excited about his work though that I couldn't get mad at him.

On Friday the 4th I need to get out of the house. I was yelling at everyone and probably everything (the cats) so Joe told me to leave. My lovely neighbor, Michelle, joined me for a late night coffee at Starbucks. I so needed the 'girl time'. Working from home has it's perks but it definitely can make you stir crazy. I think I just needed out of the house. I like their new skinny caramel macchiato - but on the rocks. I like my coffee COLD.

Some girls came into get coffee and they were chewing on pacifiers. I thought it was odd and posted a note about it on facebook. Some people said it may have been innocent. Some said if you take X it causes you to grind your teeth so people have been known to suck on pacifiers to keep from ruining their teeth. See the things you learn? I thought it was just kinda stupid and innocent.

Saturday March 5th - Joey has his first soccer game. He did AWESOME! He was the defensive player of the game and got THREE goals!! It was very cold that day. We went out and bought Joey some under armour pants for the game which helped tremendously. He said he wasn't cold. The wind chill was 40 degrees! Even the adults, who were sitting and watching the game, were freezing!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the game. I'm the team photographer!

Coach with a player hanging out under the blankets warming up.


Coach's son Evan getting a goal.






Evan under the blankets.

Whenever Joey scores goals at soccer - we go get ice cream. We tried this new place by us called Yogurti. It was really good and Joey enjoyed his big ice cream with lots of toppings!

That evening we met people from Joe's work for a thank you dinner for a project he worked on. We had dinner at Hibiscus in Dallas and the food was wonderful. The steak was perfect. One of the best steaks I've ever had. The mushroom soup was different, but very good. The dessert was good. I should have gotten the apple pie but I liked what we got which was like a fruit tart. We had a nice evening out. 

Sunday Joe and I had to go grocery shopping and got sushi for dinner. YUMMO. Joe also finished the floor. We had a busy weekend!

I captured a photo of Kali taking a cat nap. Looks peaceful.


One of my favorite wines!

The finished scrapbook room!!
View 2 of the finished scrapbook room

Scrapbook Room view 3

Do you know what this is? It is a threader for floss. You put that under the brace so you can get the floss under it and then floss your teeth. Flossing is a pain in the butt with braces!!!

Why I love Texas in March - Flowering Bradford Pear trees!!

Tuesday was an awesome day out - we got up to 80 degrees! We were under a tornado watch but didn't get anything but a few sprinkles.

My weather radio. Notice it was 80 degrees. Oh, how I love Texas weather!

That evening we had Joey's open house at school where we get to see what they have been working on. One of the tasks says to check your child's supply box to see if you need to replenish any of their supplies. We opened Joey's and all there was in it was a pencil eraser and crayon wrappers. We see other children that have their full boxes and my child's is completely empty. Well, ok then! I had to go out that night and buy him more scissors and send him with excess crayons and markers from home since I didn't care if he lost them. He told me, 'Mom, I just lose stuff fast.' I told him numerous times that he better not lose these. I also bought a new stick vac (see below).

I really want to be a cat.

Later that evening we ask Justin, 'Who's Metallica?' Justin replies, without a beat, 'The greatest band in the world!' Oh the essentials dad teaches him!

My shark was dying a slow death. The battery was near dead and a new one cost $40 - almost the cost of a new shark vac. So I got a new vac instead - this ergorapido. So far I really like it!

Lately I've been drinking coffee. I love the Texas mug my friend Kimberly gave to me. I added two ice cubes to it right after I took this photo.

This was George Washington that Joey made and showed us at his open house. Notice the FOUR eyes. He thought this was hysterical. Yes, my son is already the class clown.

I took this at Justin's school today. The question was - I like spring because...

Last night I took a new class at the gym called Barbell Blast. We did about everything - weights, lunges, squats, pushups, situps, planks, etc. I woke up this morning sore!! Wow did that class work muscles I didn't even know existed! I loved the class though!

I may be updating more frequently now with shorter posts and photos. I installed blogger on my cell phone and can update my blog with photos from my phone! I can't wait to try it out!

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