Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First baseball game and Joe’s birthday celebration!

Recently I was talked into having Joey join a baseball team. If you know me well then you know I have a hard time saying no.

Anyway, not sure if I blogged about this yet, but I was talking to one of the dad's at soccer practice about Joey. We had gone to the park that weekend and we were playing baseball with the boys and Joey was slugging the ball straight back into the woods. I was telling him that we were at the park and Joey was doing great hitting and he nearly begged us to join his baseball team because he needed good hitters. I was hesitant because Joey was already playing soccer and last time he played baseball he was extremely bored, though it was 2 years ago when he was 5. He told me that he’d have Joey as catcher which involves a LOT of interaction and that if Joe was willing he’d love it if he could be an assistant coach.

I mentioned the idea to Joe who wasn’t keen on it at all. It didn't take long to convince Joe to have Joey join and have him assistant coach (since Joe LOVES baseball).

I can honestly say I think that Wednesday and Friday are Joe’s two favorite days of the week. He gets to play baseball with the kids and he gets to coach them.

Joe asked Joey today what his favorite position is and he still said it was catcher.

When we got to the first game on Friday, March 25th we found out it was league rules that the catcher has full catching gear on. It was a big surprise to us and to Joey. Joey was actually was in tears when he found out he had to wear all of the equipment. It didn’t take long for him to warm up to it. The kids were very jealous he got to wear all the gear and soon he was very proud to be the catcher.

2011-03-25_19-12-53_450Joey not too happy about all the gear he needed to wear.

IMG_2756Joe with Joey – in full catching gear. Let me tell you – it is the biggest pain to put it on. There was a mother dedicated to taking it off and putting it on when it was his turn to bat.

IMG_2766Justin was bored out of his mind. He loved playing in the red dirt and was quite muddy when he was done. Here he was burying his car.

IMG_2772Joey waiting for the pitch.

IMG_2774Joey making it to first base and Jack’s dad giving him a high five!

Joe’s birthday was also on Friday so, as you saw in an earlier post, Justin was adamant about making the birthday cake all himself. So we had cake for Joe. Just a small family get together late that evening.

IMG_2796Joe, the boys and his birthday cake. I love this one of Joey, even though it’s blurry.

IMG_2803The boys celebrating with their dad! Happy birthday!

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