Friday, March 25, 2011

Cooking Lessons…and more

Yesterday was one of my most favorite days of the month! Why is that? We hired a maid a few months ago to clean the house and she comes every other Thursday. She cleans the house up and down and when she leaves around 6:30 Thursday evening the house is sparkling!! She changes the sheets, does the showers, floors, windows, just about everything! She has even climbed a ladder and cleaned our ceiling fan of dust that is 20 feet high in our living room. We <3 her!

2011-03-14_19-58-00_649Remember these? I used to have hundreds of these growing up in the 80s! I saw these at Walmart on 3/15! Too funny.

On 3/18 Joe and I decided to go out to dinner at La Hacienda Ranch – our favorite place to eat in Dallas. The one we go to is in Frisco. The boys enjoy the kids meals, we enjoy the tex-mex and then afterwards we insert quarters so the kids can ride the horses and bulls!

2011-03-18_20-37-10_337Joey on the electric horse pulling a buggy.

2011-03-18_20-37-16_138Justin riding the horse.

2011-03-18_20-38-24_576Joey riding the bull. Sorry for the quality of pics. It’s dark and my camera phone isn’t the best.

2011-03-19_13-40-20_978Joe brought me home roses, just because he loves me! Isn’t he sweet!!??!

2011-03-19_18-41-34_242Joe bought this wine and it’s made in Washington. I really, really liked the taste.

2011-03-19_20-51-11_818Did you happen to see the moon on 3/19? It was GORGEOUS! If you missed it, or it was too cloudy – you really missed out on a spectacular sight.

Mark your calendar. On March 19th, a full Moon of rare size and beauty will rise in the east at sunset. It's a super "perigee moon"--the biggest in almost 20 years.

"The last full Moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March of 1993," says Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC. "I'd say it's worth a look."

"The full Moon of March 19th occurs less than one hour away from perigee--a near-perfect coincidence1that happens only 18 years or so," adds Chester.

From Nasa’s website…

We grabbed the boys and took them outside to see it. When it first came up it looked orange. I talked to my mother, who lives in Michigan, and her moon looked orange too. It was glowing so brightly. It was quite a sight!

On 3/21 I decided to finally make applesauce with the apples I had that were over ripe. I asked Justin to help. Lately he’s been quite needy of attention and really enjoys helping me with household chores and baking. He helped me cut the apples with the apple corer/slicer. He then helped me shred them and then pour them into the pot to cook. He was so proud of himself!

2011-03-21_18-10-14_98Justin putting the apples in the food processor.



2011-03-21_18-12-40_261Taking a moment to smile at the camera for me.

2011-03-21_18-13-38_861Helping me scoop it into the pot to cook.

2011-03-21_18-19-43_597One of his chores is to use the floor vac to vacuum the tile floor. Here he is picking up.

Justin must be learning about careers at preschool. He’s come home multiple times lately telling me he wants to be:

  1. A doctor
  2. A dentist
  3. A dad (he’s told me this over and over)
  4. A fireman
  5. A police officer

It’s so cute when he tells me he wants to be a dad.


All Joey has been doing is playing pokemon since we got him the strategy guide for it. Mom has also become the coolest mom ever because I’m able to show him how to get past parts of his game that have him frustrated to no end.

2011-03-22_17-22-04_668Back to playing ds… His favorite way to unwind…or wind up depending on how well his game is going.

IMG_2739On 3/22 Joey had an art fair at school. We purchased a frame for his art and we love how it turned out. In fact he wants his room to be repainted purple and lime green – which actually match the color in his painting. Sorry for the reflection from the lights. I tried to move the angle of the camera to get rid of it and it didn’t work well.

IMG_2740Joey and his art, different angle.

IMG_2741Joey’s painting

2011-03-22_21-43-55_516That evening I had my hair colored back to my natural color with honey and blonde highlights put in it. I’m still not sure I like it dark. I am so used to light brown hair.

2011-03-24_07-42-40_234Justin wanted me to take a photo of him wrapped up in his favorite ‘blankie’. This blanket goes everywhere – even to school and back every day.


2011-03-24_12-07-40_141This is Joey’s school work – the left side is the wants column, the right side is the needs column. Notice the television under the needs section!

Today is 3/25 and Joe’s birthday. Joey has his first baseball game tonight.

Justin was insistent on making Joe his birthday cake.

IMG_2743Justin pouring in the cake mix.

IMG_2746Justin pouring in more ingredients.

IMG_2747Look at his smiling. He’s so proud.

IMG_2749There goes the oil.

IMG_2755The best part!!

Joey has been very, very moody lately. He usually gets really irritated if you bother him while he’s playing his ds. I’m about to start putting time limits on it if his attitude keeps up. It’s really starting to make me mad. Other times he’s super loving and wants to cuddle. Maybe it’s a seven year old thing. Either way, it’s really annoying! I can only imagine I was ten times worse growing up!

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