Friday, March 25, 2011

The book of me….

There is this GREAT scrapbooking idea book by Angie Pedersen called ‘The Book of Me’ and it gives you ideas on how to create scrapbook pages that are about yourself, since most of the time, we don’t write about ourselves. We always write and create pages about our kids. 

I’ve decided that while my scrapbook time is limited, I’ll use my blog to answer the questions that are in the book. There are hundreds of questions in the book so of course, I’ll only address a few at a time.

Where did you go to Elementary School: I actually went to two elementary schools. In 1987 my parents decided to move out of the city and to the country.

I completed preschool – first part of 3rd grade at Lathers Elementary in Garden City, Michigan. We lived a block away from the school so I would walk home.

I remember there being some bullies on the corner the way I used to walk home so I used to have to walk the long way around the block to avoid them.

There was a time where the neighbor kids told me there was a guy driving around trying to give the kids candy. One of my friends said she yelled and ran as fast as she could home. I’m not sure if they were making up stories or not but I had a hard time walking by myself after that.

When I was in the third grade our parents moved us to Howell, Michigan. I went from living in the city and knowing everyone around me, to living in the country and having literally 4 houses on our street. My house occupied the entire side of our street. We had four and a half acres of land, a river and a pond.

This city girl was suddenly thrown into the country. I learned to catch frogs and I remember there were HUDREDS of crickets that year that I caught and threw in a bucket.

100_0031My parent’s gardens.

I enjoyed country life. I enjoyed the cows down the street. I enjoyed the room to ride my bike. I missed the sidewalks. I missed my friends from the city and most of all, I had issues making friends at my new school and missed my friends back from the city. I felt like I was popular in that school and was a nobody in the new school. That was hard to swallow.

Third grade was a hard grade for me. Not only did a switch schools but at both schools the teachers were constantly disciplining me for talking too much.

Luckily by fourth grade the heavens shined down on me and I was finally blessed with a great teacher and things started looking up for me.

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