Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Fail!

It's been almost a month since I've blogged. What a total blog fail! :(

Here is my new niece. She was so tiny when she was born. Look at how small she was!

I can't even imagine a baby that tiny. She was just about 5 lbs. Justin was 7lbs 12oz and Joey 8lbs 15oz. I never had a really tiny baby! I can't wait to see her.

On Feb 11th I got a new washer and dryer. My old washer was falling apart, started to not even spin, the rubber boot was falling out and when it DID spin it was so loud you could hear it outside or across the house. People would ASK me what that noise was it was so loud!
My blue samsung washer and dryer! I love them! They even play a cute little song when they are done washing/drying. 

Later that evening I took apart the pipes under my bathroom sink. My friend Lori explained how to do it and I took a shot at it and pulled out two really nasty hairballs from Joe's sink and my own. I am happy I know how to do it now! I even unhooked the stopper and put it all back together by myself!

On the 13th of February: Tennis, running and basketball earlier. Wonderful weather. Then I went to my hairdresser and friend Beth's for an updo then out to a Hawaiian Fusion restaurant for a date with my sweetie.
Joe and I - Valentine's date.

The food at the Hawaiian Fusion restaurant was great. I tried sushi and liked it! They had an unbelievable crab cake, their souffle was awesome and their main course was just ok. We had a great night out.

On Feb 15th I had to drive into downtown Dallas to get my replacement new pc for work. It was an ok drive since I went after rush hour but I do NOT miss driving to work every day. It was nice to see people and to talk but everyone was talking to me so I didn't get much done. It's so much easier at home when there is no one to really interrupt me. 

Joe met me for lunch when I was down there and we went to Maple and Motor - voted the best burger in 2010. I have to say the burger was amazing. Joe said it was in an old gas station building converted into a restaurant. It was this dumpy old building but amazing food! 

Feb 16th - I bought alcohol at Walmart and I knew they were going to card me. The lady did a double take at my drivers license and told me there was no way I was 32. I told her, yep, I am. She couldn't believe it. I could have hugged her and I told her so!! 

Feb 17th - Bunco night with the girls. Bunco is a dice game and you can play it if you are stupid/smart/sober or drunk! I ended up winning $50 - the first time I have ever won money at Bunco. I actually tied with another woman but she didn't tally up her card correctly and when they were deciding on the winner they didn't see she tied me and gave me the money. I offered to split and she told me not to worry about it. It was nice to finally win. I've gone for almost two years now and every month I put in my $10 and never get it back! FINALLY I won. :)

Feb 18th - they finally came out with words with friends (scrabble) for Droid. I love playing scrabble and I have to say I'm pretty good at it. Add me if you want - designsbybriana - just let me know who you are. 

That evening we had just got Netflix and figured out how to stream live videos on the wii. It's great! We can have the boys watch movies and it's just part of the netflix package. It's amazing having movies on demand!

Feb 19th - we could not cool off the upstairs. It was over 80 in the boys room even with the windows open for two hours prior. I actually cracked and had to break in the a/c!

Earlier that day I was playing tennis with the boys and ran cross court to get the ball and something popped twice in my calf muscle. It was kinda hard to walk. Luckily it felt much better the next day.

Feb 21 - Was off for a federal holiday but spent 3 hours in a dentist chair getting my first crown. She told me she had to drill down very far and said if I had any pain I would need a root canal. So far, no pain and I hope it stays that way.

The temporary crown feels weird - like a big wad of gum. My tongue wants to rip it out of my mouth as it feels foreign.

Feb 24 - Took Justin to daycare. As he walks on someone says something to him. Justin says rather annoyed, "I'm NOT Justin Beiber!"

February 27 - Found out that Alex was peeing on the spot that TyTy had peed on in my scrapbook room and it did NOT smell good. We decided that cleaning the carpets multiple times would not fix the issue and proceeded to rip out the carpet. We then found killz paint and used it to cover the subfloor and wall and it DID mask the cat urine smell. We had to use about three coats but it did work.

That evening Joe and I hired Paige to watch the boys and we went to my friend Michelle's birthday party and stayed all night. I had a really nice time. I made sure I was the videographer so I didn't end up on video.

Sunday the 28th we went out and bought the padding and the laminate floor and started flooring my scrapbook room.
Monday evening

Tuesday Justin tells me - Justin: "Mom, I really like talking...a LOT" as he proceeds to talk non-stop in the car this morning. Not sure which parent he got that from. It sure wasn't me!! :)

Tuesday at lunch I got my braces! Everyone says now I officially look 19. I decided on metal instead of the porcelain (clear). The porcelain is more expensive, it is much harder to remove from the teeth, breaks more easily and the worst part is it stains. If you eat anything tomato based it then turns the bracket red. Then your orthodontist has to remove the color. I didn't want to have to deal with all that so I decided on metal. Unfortunately it sticks out like a sore thumb and everyone notices it...but I do look younger!

Today is Thursday and we are almost done with the floor. Joe wanted to take a break today.

Everyone freaked me out about the braces. So far I do not have pain or any canker sores. I only have them on the top teeth right now and will get full mouth later. My top lip today is just starting to feel numb. It's a very strange sensation.

I joined weight watchers again on Wednesday. I love the new program and how you do not count fruits and most vegetables. I'm eating much healthier now!

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Melissa said...

I have epicly failed on my blog! I haven't posted in over a year! =( I feel terrible about it. Glad to see you are keeping up on yours more than I am!! Glad to hear all is well with your braces! Miss you!