Thursday, February 10, 2011

More snow....and ice...and other stuff

I've been working hard to teach the kids a little bit extra on the side. Joey was working on money and by the end of the book he had it all figured out. He was doing math at such a high level that it amazed Joe and I. He can count a lot of numbers in his head. He gets this all from his dad. I have to count on my fingers and/or use a calculator!

He finished his book on 2/3. That was day three of being cooped in the house and iced in. We literally had an inch thick of ice on our driveway that did not indent when you drove over it.

You can see the ice outside on our driveway and in the street. That isn't snow in our driveway - it's an inch of ice.

So as up to now
Monday night rain
Tuesday morning - hail/wind/ice/snow - Schools closed
Wed - Still ice - schools closed
Thur - Still ice - schools closed
Friday - see below.

As if Mother Nature really needed to be more cruel - this is what we found Friday morning...not quite the 1-3 inches predicted.


About 6-8 inches

Winter wonderland in Dallas.

So as you can see - we are on day 4 of being snowed/iced in. I literally have not left the house since Monday and I'm going stir crazy. I'm at the point I hate anything white! It's cold and because it's so cold I have to let my water drip at night so my pipes don't freeze. People who have lived in Texas all their lives told me that they have never seen school cancelled so many days in a row due to snow and ice. Incredible!

I was supposed to have a scrapbook get together at my house the next day on Saturday but it was cancelled because of the bad weather. So I decided to scrapbook a little bit on Friday night and it felt so good to put my hands on the paper and make a few pages. Scrapbooking is therapy to me!

FINALLY on Saturday we started to thaw out!! My house faces north so my front yard is still completely frozen while everyone across the street has no more snow. What the heck?!

The bottom of our gutter was encased in an inch of ice and then when we finally removed the ice, ice came crashing down out of the gutter. 

Since there wasn't much to do since it was so cold, I decided to clean out and organize my pantry. This is before.

This is after. Nice and tidy!

Sunday was superbowl. We ordered pizza and had a picnic inside. The kids and I played go fish. Joe was very disappointed the Steelers didn't win. 

Monday the kids finally returned to school.
Tuesday the kids went to school.
Wednesday - more snow and ice. Schools cancelled. Seriously? 
Thursday - today the kids had a two hour delay! 

What I am hearing is that we don't have to make up these days. 

In other news my brother Greg and his wife Audrey gave birth to my neice yesterday - Maeve Aislinn - Pronounced Mayve Ash lene. She was a tiny little girl - just over five pounds but then again Audrey is tiny. Greg is so proud. Whenever I talk to him he's exhausted but such a proud daddy! I'm excited to be an aunt!

Tomorrow my washer and dryer are supposed to be delivered. I can't wait. The washer actually DIED today. How convenient that we had the delivery of the new ones for tomorrow. When we moved the washer into the garage so I could mop underneath the old washer and dryer we found metal shavings on the floor and in the pedestal drawer underneath the washer. We ran that washer into the ground. Hopefully the new ones work much better than this one and last much longer.

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