Friday, January 7, 2011

Random funny sayings, garbage and donations...

I have actually felt guilty that I haven't updated my blog in the past few days. I have wanted to write. I have gotten back into it now and it's very therapeutic. Expect me to be updating more frequently.

Some funny things the kids have been saying lately...

Last night Justin woke up after I put him to bed. I asked him why he was up. He always says, "uhhh uhhh uhh, I wanted to tell you something." This is his classic stalling phrase. I wait patiently and say, "Yes?" He sometimes says stuff like, "Mom, I love you a lot." This is what he said last night. Then as I'm walking downstairs he says to me, "Mom, clean up this mess down there." Ok I'll admit the kitchen was a mess but it was so funny to hear my four year old telling me to clean the kitchen!

Justin has also been telling people bye in the evening when he leaves daycare and will tell them to "have a wonderful night." I swear the kids crack me up.

When we got home from our trip to Michigan it was time to weed out the old stuffed animals. Joey has this bin of stuffed animals in his closet and will NOT get rid of any of them. One day I went up there, dumped them all out and any of them he hasn't even gotten out of the bin in the last year went into the bag. He's like me. For some reason I've always thought stuffed animals get sad when we get rid of them, like they have feelings. How sad is that?!

One of the cool things about living in Dallas is we have donation pick up services. In Michigan we would have to take our donation to a salvation army to drop off. In Dallas we get postcards in the mail saying they will be in our area a specific day. You go to their website, schedule a pickup and then put the items on your front porch that morning and the donation service picks them up and leaves you a tax donation slip. It is so convenient! I donate at least once a month. Not sure how I keep finding stuff to donate that I can donate at least a bag every month but we do! I guess it's a great way to keep the house from getting too crowded with stuff.

I may have blogged about this before but I have a love for garbage day. Our garbage day is Monday and we have these bins that we put out to the curb and this truck comes, picks up the bin and dumps it into the truck automatically. I guess I'm part geek but I like watching it! The real reason I love garbage day is it is almost cleansing. It's the day all my trash is gone. I can go through the house, empty all the trash, toss it all and it's gone. It's out of my house, the recycles are all picked up and I feel refreshed. Perhaps that makes me strange, but knowing that I have gotten the clutter and garbage out of my house makes me feel relieved, in a sense.

I'm working this evening so I have most of the day off. Tomorrow is Joey's birthday so I'm bringing him lunch today. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that he has lunch at 10:30am!! Seriously?! Anyhow I'm meeting him for lunch and taking in cupcakes. I also need to look in the lost and found because he's lost a few jackets. From now on if he doesn't come home with his jacket I'm going to have him go back in the school and get it. I can't afford to keep buying him a jacket every time he decides to forget to bring his home and loses it.

Will write more later!!

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