Monday, January 24, 2011

Quirks.... everyone has them....

I'll admit it, I have my fair share of weird quirks.

Take for instance my obsession with finding a song - not just any song - it was the song they played on an ENDLESS loop on the weatherscan channel for comcast cable. I finally found out that Trammel Starks created the music for The Weather Channel and the weather channel cds do NOT have this music on it. I'm working on figuring out if I can buy his cds. Beach Frolic is my absolute favorite from the weatherscan channel and the best I can do is to play it on endless loop on a website called Endless YouTube (linked above).

When I used to get up in the middle of the night to feed my babies, I would rock on my recliner and put on the tv. I didn't want anything too distracting so I'd put on weatherscan and fell in love with this song particularly. The music was calming so the baby would be lulled back to sleep and I could imagine I was still in a semi comatose state.

Another quirk of mine is my love of the weather channel. My preference would be a weather channel like weatherscan that comcast had which had no commercials and looped the weather over and over. The weather channel has commercials and too much talking. Since it's all I have (because we have dish) I live with it and watch it often. I love to know the weather back in Michigan, here and where my friends live. I don't know why but I'm obsessed at knowing the weather going on all the time. My friends even come to me and ask what it's going to be like because I follow it like a hawk.

So now you know about my weather obsession quirk...onto the next quirk...

Music. I am completely obsessed with Phil Collin's music. Then add in George Michael and all the bands and singers from the 80s and I'm in heaven. During the day while I work I listen to my own station on Pandora I created called Phil Collins Radio - which has music from the 80s, 90s and now. Music is able to take me back to a place in time that I thought was lost in my memory. I can hear a song and remember a distinct memory associated with it (much like the weatherscan music above).

Saying all that you would think I've a pretty a person that learns from audio - but in fact I'm more of both - I need both seeing, hearing and DOING to learn. I'm one of those people that like to be shown but learns best if you just let me do it myself.

Other quirks - I like ice in my milk.

I like ice in my coffee and prefer it cold.

I won't drink near anything unless it's ice cold or has ice in it.

There are others. I'll make sure to share them if I can think of them.

Oh and one last thing - the weirdest thing I've ever eaten is a Wendy's chocolate milk shake with fries. I've seen posts online about how good it is and thought, it sounds nasty but I need to know what the hype is about. DAMN is it ever good. Something about the sweet of the ice cream and the salt of the fry! YUMMO.

The other day Justin said to me, "Mom, yes is the same as no." I said to him, "That's not true. If I said NO you can not run into traffic, that does not mean yes." He says to me, "Whatever". I found his response to me to be more comical than disrespectful. In fact, it was such an odd thing for him to say that I sent an email to myself about what he said so I'd remember it.

Must be a southern thing but Joey always says, 'Yes Ma'am' after I ask him to do something. I'm just so not used to it!

The kid's newest obsession is Club Penguin. They love this website, they love the puffles (these little puffy creatures) and have four stuffed ones here in the house and it is all they do for fun. They have since taken over MY pc and their own laptop and I'm lucky to use it before they go to bed. I can be thankful that all this computer time is getting them more proficient at using the computer and I know Joey has been forced to read a few things so it's improving his reading.

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Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog I learn more and more, such as the ice in the milk, and ice in the coffee....your obession with the weather and music. These are things that define "Briana" these are the things that make people stand out,and be us if we were all the same where would the excitement of life be...the wonderment of discovery!:)until next time