Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our weekend...

We rarely ever have a relaxing weekend. Some people relax when the weekend comes. We run around like a chicken with our heads cut off trying to do a ton of errands.

Saturday is usually errand day so we can at least relax on Sunday. Most Saturdays entail basketball game (that ends next week), going to the library to get new movies and books, going to the dry cleaner to get Joe's suits and shirts and grocery shopping. Sometimes we have other odds and ends to do - like this weekend we had to take Joe's car in to get it's state inspection which is required on all Texas vehicles. Last weekend Joe got new tires put on his car.

The fun thing we did this weekend was I researched getting a new washing machine to replace our existing one. On Friday the washer started making clunking noises and would not spin well in high spin. It would suddenly clunk and stop in mid-spin. We knew it's been on the way to it's death bed and we've had it fixed three times now. The belt system on the GE washer we have right now is AWFUL. On Lowe's website the exact same washer we have was rated as one star by three other people with the same issues.

So I went in looking for a washer and found this one. It's a Samsung - in blue - and both the washer and dryer were normally $899 and they were on sale for $699 so we saved $200 a piece. The ratings on this washer and dryer set are very high. The only issue is that they are sold out in the warehouse, they were out at this lowes and it will probably be about 8 or so days before they get them in and deliver them. I hope my washer holds up that long. I'm a very happy girl. I can't wait to get them installed and break them in!!

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL starting on Friday! Friday and Saturday we hit mid 70s! Today we started out close to 70 but then it cooled off all afternoon. All weekend long we had the windows open.

One of the bad things about living in Texas is when it warms up, the bugs start to move. We have had a nest of ants in an exterior wall and they found a way into the house and were all over my window sills in the living room. As soon as they hit the floor board they instantly died because we have an exterminator come quarterly and he sprayed the baseboard with chemicals so they didn't make it far.

To take care of the nest I took matters into my own hands since the exterminators aren't open on the weekends. We went to Kroger and I bought Raid Double Control Ant Bait traps and combat liquid ant bait traps. They seemed to like both but seemed to like the Raid version better. I let them eat to their hearts content and today I woke up and there was maybe 10 ants, at the MOST, hobbling around and haven't seen any since. We are going to keep them out for a few more weeks to see if we have any more (eggs hatching, etc) and if not then Joe needs to patch the cracks in the sills where they were getting in from the wall. At least we finally figured out how they were coming in. Ants don't bother me. In a weird way they are actually very interesting to watch. I don't like roaches at all. I'll take ants any day over roaches or spiders!

Justin spiked another low-grade fever today when he got up from his nap. Not sure why he did but maybe this flu really kicked his butt. I gave him some motrin and he seemed totally fine the rest of the day. I made sure to NOT skip his tamiflu dose like I accidentally did this morning.

Oh, that's another interesting thing - the flu has hit our town so hard that when I went to get the tamiflu filled for Justin at CVS on Saturday they told me every walgreens and cvs in town were completely sold out. The only pharmacy that they knew of that had the prescription was Kroger (the one we shop at coincidentally) so we had to get Justin's Tamiflu script filled there. Can you believe there are so many flu cases that they have a shortage of tamiflu? Crazy!!

Tuesday we register Justin for TK (5 days pre-k for five year olds, which is really like a private kindergarten) at Stacy's Studio. We went with Stacy's because that is where Joey went and we really like the family feel about it. In addition, my friend Vicki's son is going to be in the same class as Justin so both boys will already know someone. I already have the deposit ready to go to pay for his spot for next year.

Yesterday the weather was so nice that Justin and I went for a walk after our naps. Joe and Joey were still napping and didn't want to wake so Justin and I snuck out of the house.

We walked down the street, onto the golf course and all the way past the third hole and all the way back to our house. We were gone walking for an hour. Justin barely complained he was tired until near the end. We walked past a sign for the name of a neighborhood and he named off almost every single letter in it. I was so proud of him. Justin impresses me every day. He can recognize almost all of his letters and knows the sounds of most of them. We had a lot of nice bonding time where we talked about falling stars, how it would hurt if a falling star fell on you and what a suv is. It was wonderful outside and we had a wonderful time enjoying the weather and each other. It was just Justin and I!

Today Joey and Justin were listening to a song and Joey said, 'Justin, you know what this song is?' and without a beat Justin says, 'AWESOME!'  I think Joey meant what the name of it was and we found Justin's response to be very comical!

Do you remember my post about loving the weather channel music? I've been trying to find the music for the channel comcast has called Weatherscan. There was a smooth jazz album played on repeat and I wanted it - especially a song called Beach Frolic by Trammel Starks. Guess what? I finally found Trammel on facebook and asked him very nicely if he was still making the cds for the weatherscan music and he said he was and would put them in the mail for me and I sent him paypal payment for them. He then added me to facebook. He's a very, very nice person. I now have the music cds and can play the music to my heart's content! I'm missing cd 2 because of a printing issue with the cd but the issue has been fixed and cd 2 is on it's way. CD 2 has beach frolic on it! CD three has great music on it.

Last night I played cd three and Joe said that he really liked the cd because it reminded him of Milford (where we lived in Michigan). More specifically when we would hang out together in the same room when I used to play on the computer and he would sort baseball cards, with weatherscan on in the background!

Do you know how happy I am to have gotten these cds in my hands? I have been searching for a way to get them for TWO YEARS!! Yes it's borderline obsessive but my hunt for them ended happy! Joe laughed at me when I got them and hugged them. Yes, it's that important!! It's the memories associated with these songs that mean so much to me!

As I write this I'm doing a load of laundry that is trying to go on high speed. It's CLUNK clunk CLLLLUUUNNNK and Joe sends me a text from upstairs saying, 'Wow that sounds awful!' That is how bad our washing machine sounds! He can hear it from upstairs over the television! Thank goodness the new ones will be here soon!

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