Friday, January 28, 2011

The flu hits again...

Something this morning tipped me off that Justin was sick. I don't remember exactly what it was, and it could have been when he said his eyes were 'red'. Joey complained his eyes 'were on fire' when he had the flu on Tuesday. I saw Justin's cheeks were bright red and I took his temp and it was about 99.8. Not quite high enough to make me give him motrin, but enough to keep him home from daycare.

A trip to the doctor at 11am confirmed he also had a case of the flu and his fever was now at 102.5. They gave him some medicine to bring it down and sent us home with another tamiflu prescription.

This is my cold baby in the doctor's office - covered in both of our jackets.

He didn't even want to sit up for his exam :(

By this evening he's doing better but getting tamiflu down him has been a challenge. He's been spitting it out. It's about as hard as trying to pill a cat! 

So send us some get well vibes!!

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