Monday, January 3, 2011

Children were angels...and roast chickens. So random.

I love days where my kids act like angels. I would like to say it has to do something with my parenting them...

Today Joey went to play with his friend, Braxton, and then he came home and we ran out to get Justin. Justin was happy to see us. He said, 'Mommy, I got a HUGE rock from the playground today" and proceeded to throw his coat on the ground and start digging through the pockets. He finally found the rock and peeked it out so I could see how wonderful it was. He loves finding rocks on the playground. Mrs Maria, his teacher, tells him that he needs to leave the rocks on the playground. Justin likes to 'sneak' them when she's not looking. He must think I love these rocks and it's quite cute. It's like presents for me!

On the way home I love to hear the banter the boys throw about in the back seat. I always tell myself I will remember what they are talking about but it seems I forgot so I guess next time I will have to transcribe it and send it to my email.

I do know that Justin was bending over in his seat and was looking in the isle and Joey kept saying, 'Justin, get over on YOUR SIDE.' Yep, that is already happening!

Joey has a program at school where he has about 40 different categories and if he fills out a book report for every book he reads, when he fills up 10 books in a category he gets a special dog tag for that category that he wears when he goes to the school library. So far he has one dog tag and is one book away from the second one for reading 10 Dr. Suess reader books. He is so excited. He was working diligently on his book reports today.

Out of the blue he says to me, "Mom, today I held the door open and only ONE fifth grader said thank you! Mom, they are in the fifth grade! Even the GIRLS didn't tell me thank you!"

That makes me feel so many emotions.

1. I am so proud he was kind enough to hold the door.
2. I am proud that he knows that if someone does hold the door it's customary and polite to say thank you.
3. Disgusted that so many other children don't have good manners.

I praised Joey for being so caring and polite. He then proceeded to go around being as polite as could be and teaching his brother that he really should be saying thank you when he gets something. Joey even said, 'Yes maam' multiple times to me when I asked him to do something. Jeez! I told you he was being an angel tonight!

Now don't get me wrong. My children DO misbehave. Some days they darn well embarrass me by the way they act. But tonight my children were being angels. Joe was working late and did not come home by the time the boys went to bed. It seems that Joe and I observed that if there is only one parent around, the boys always act better than if there are two parents. I don't know why this is. I was very thankful they were so cooperative!

Tonight I was roasting a whole chicken for the first time. I thought it was done, let it rest and about 1/2 hour later cut into it and saw that it was still bloody deep down. I was disappointed because I used the thermometer and it read 170 but I guess I didn't test it far enough down and in multiple spots. Lesson learned. I had to put both chickens back in and I am praying that they roast nicely and NOT dry out. Cooking is like that. Trial and error. Some days you find an amazing dish. Other days you find out things NOT to do or things you don't like. It's like a fine art that continuously evolves. I love cooking and learning about all the different techniques and types of food I can cook. It's definitely one of my hobbies!

I haven't been blogging lately. I guess I haven't felt motivated. I have a friend that has been making me feel motivated to blog lately and scrapbook. I just wanted to say a special thank you. I feel like this is an important part of my life that I need to keep up on. The house can go to hell but I should always make time for my blog. Thank you :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back doing what you love =) threw your writings and pictures I can see that you have an eye for beauty. You have a way threw your words I feel your joy, love, sorrow ..... I look forward to see and read more in the coming months =)