Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

It's been a few days since I've blogged. I've wanted to but I normally blog in the evening and I've been wanting to spend that time with Joe because he has been working so much. Last week he hit his all time high - 87 hours. Isn't that ridiculous? These past few weeks have been very tiring for me. I've been the one who does the pickup and drop off of the kids at school, all the laundry, housework, dishes, meals, laundry, errands, shopping and the list goes on. Needless to say, I've been exhausted and blogging hasn't been high on my priority list.

This last week when the boys got up in the morning it was very cold. I had the boys get dressed and Joey undressed from the bottom down and curled up in fetal position and would not move. I told him numerous times if he got dressed he would not be cold. Of course mom is always right but he wouldn't listen to me so he sat there wasting time when he should have been getting dressed and getting his breakfast before school. Finally after he sat there complaining of the cold for about 5 minutes I told him he had until I got dressed and came out of my room to get dressed or he wasn't getting breakfast. When I walked out he was no where to be found. I finally yelled, 'Joseph where are YOU!!!' He whimpered from behind the couch, sulking. I was so angry. I told him we had 10 minutes left before we had to leave and if he wanted to sulk then so be it - he wasn't getting breakfast. So he angrily stomped over to make himself breakfast. He SHOVED a cookbook out of his way and started crying about how everything is always in his way when he wants to make breakfast. I went over to calm him down before had had a bad day at school and asked for a hug. He would NOT give me a hug. He wouldn't let me touch him. He was MAD AT MOM.

That was the first time for me that I can remember that he totally blew off mom. I admit I was angry and hurt too. I wanted to take out my anger on him by yelling but I didn't. I went ahead and got Justin ready for school and finished getting Joey's stuff ready and by the time we were ready to leave he wanted a hug and kiss. He had obviously calmed down. I still admit, even a week later I was hurt he blew me off when he was angry. Mom always fixes things and at that point in time, he needed to fix things himself. It made me realize that he's getting older and more responsible and he's owning his own emotions and reactions that come from them. My boy is getting older...

Yesterday we had a cold front come through Dallas. We had our first snow/ice of the season. We ended up with about 2-3 inches and ice. They closed schools today because some roads were really bad. I told Joey this morning that school was cancelled and he told me he was upset. I asked why, thinking he was going to say he missed his friends since we didn't see them over the weekend. He told me, "Mom, I want to learn." Wow, I guess he must really like his school and his teacher if he is mad he isn't going to learn today. I promised him we'd work on his time or his counting coins book.

About lunch today Justin worked on his cutting and Joey worked on counting coins. I was impressed. He got all of them correct.

This past Friday I had a project at work where I was in charge of moving customers from one platform to another and it started at 6pm on Friday and goes all night and ended about 9am. I was so exhausted. I had the kids because Joe was working again so I tried to take a nap while the boys entertained themselves. I then had to wake up because Joey had a basketball game. When we got home both boys laid down for a nap without a complaint and Joe got home about 5pm. Joey was still sleeping and did not want to wake up. The only thing that got him up from his nap was the mention of going to Chuck e Cheese.

Earlier that morning we gave Joey his birthday gift from us - a mp3 player loaded with his favorite songs. He was so happy he and Justin listened to their music and danced around the house. I was very happy that went over well.

He got $50 from his Grandma Norma and Grandma Char and told me he wanted to give Justin $10.00 of it. He's such a sweet and caring brother!

We went to Toys R Us and Justin got a few monster trucks with his money and Joey got a pokeball and a few beyblades.

Afterwards we went to Chuck E Cheeses and got about 80 tokens for the kids to blow. We were there about an hour and decided to get McDonalds after and not their pizza. The boys had fun. Joe and I thought it was quite crowded, and a lot of the games didn't work. We found a few games that gave a lot of tickets for each coin and took coins quickly so we could leave.

We cashed in the tickets and then got their dinner and took them to the drop in daycare so we could have alone time.

We went to on the border for food and drinks and reconnected. It was a nice dinner and was nice to see Joe since he's been working a lot lately. I can honestly say it was nice to just relax and not feel rushed.

So Saturday I was recovering from working all night Friday and with Joe working and taking Joey out for his birthday we lost our errand day. We planned to run errands on Sunday except it was freezing rain first thing in the morning and then turned to snow so with the roads being so bad we never did our errands. Sigh. We still have to do those.

Last night I filled up my camera card and went to pull the pictures off them and my camera card was corrupted. I was devastated!! I couldn't even open the folder to view what was in it. The folder name changed to this really weird character string and said it was unreadable.

I download and paid for a photo recovery program called eIMAGE Recovery and it worked - it saved all my 230 photos from Christmas, to Joey's birthday to yesterday's snow day. I was SO RELIEVED. I almost passed out when I realized the photos were corrupted. I would highly recommend that program. It was worth the $29 I paid! I'll follow up this post with a few new photos from Christmas, etc.

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