Saturday, January 15, 2011

The boys...

The other day Justin was sitting next to me playing Leap World on the pc and he was doing so well with the game he was playing. The game had something to do with 'What is heavier' and 'What was lighter' as it compared numerous objects. I asked Justin, 'How did you get so smart?' He replied, 'Mom, I eat my green beans!'

We got Justin a new leapster this week. We had a few of the original leapsters and just were not pleased with them as they shut themselves off a lot. I finally splurged and got him a leapster 2 and he loves it. As a part of getting the leapster 2 you get access to the only game Leap World which the kids really like. You do challenges and earn points to build rooms of a house. Justin recently took a liking to the game Letters On the Loose where it tells you each letter, what sound it makes and then he has to trace it. Joey also loved this game and it really helped him learn his letters and how to write them! He likes the leapster now more than the ds since the ds games we have are really geared towards older children in my opinion.

Joey and I are working with his soccer coach so he can learn phonics and use it to help him read easier. It just happens she had her son learn them at the school he went to last year and he's in the first grade reading on a fourth grade level so now we are having her work with Joey. So we'll see how that works out.

Say some prayers for my sweet Grandpa - my dad's dad. He has been in a nursing home for a few years now with Alzheimer's but I guess he's in the hospital and not doing well. He's 84. I have the best memories of him. I probably had the only grandpa that would constantly talk about sex and hooking up with other women right in front of grandma. Grandma would either smack him or say something to the effect of Rubbish. Hearing them talk Polish was always neat. I remember on the day of my wedding Grandpa was talking about sex with my bridesmaids and they looked at me like - WTF? I told them, he's just like that. It really never phased me. He was funny and was always telling jokes. I am praying he recovers but from what I read it doesn't look good :(

This week was a good week for me. I have recently done a series of migrations at work of moving customers off one system to another and was recently recognized at work which was very rewarding. I received a $50 gift card and I decided to use it to take the family out to eat at our favorite restaurant La Hacienda Ranch. It's Tex-Mex and great food. The entire parking lot was packed. There wasn't a spot left. We had to circle it three times before we found a spot and then used call ahead and still had to wait 25 minutes to be seated. Of course it was worth the wait because the food was great. The kids were wonderful. Joey did a word search, which he has learned to do and really likes lately. Justin played his leapster. Both kids were so well behaved that it was wonderful.

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