Friday, October 8, 2010

Soccer goals!

This past Tuesday night Joey had a night soccer game. He came running over to us between plays and said, "If I get a goal can we go out for ice cream?" We all laughed and told him of course we would.

He takes the ball and runs it down the field for his first goal. I guess ice cream motivates!

A little later in the game he asked if he could have sprinkles too. I told him sure, get another goal. He did - his second goal of the season. We were so proud of him. Coach was proud of him. The parents were laughing and telling him he could get two scoops. It was exciting since it was about our 5th game this year and his first two goals. He was so excited he was beaming with pride.

I got my hair done this week. I went from blonde back to brunette with red and blonde highlights blended in. I love my hair lady, Beth. She's wonderful!

Thursday nights I've been hanging out with Vicki. We go to her house and watch Vampire Diaries. Tomorrow we are supposed to go and meet Damon and Catherine from the tv show. Should be fun. Vicki, of course, dragged me along with her. She loves to meet celebrities.

Justin is doing wonderful. He is learning how to play video games and is so proud of himself. He's working on mastering games on the leapster and vsmile and loves to play the games on my new Droid phone. I found out he's really good at memory, puzzles and knows most of his alphabet. He's a smart cookie. I really need to stop underestimating him. I know he's my 'baby' but I tend to underestimate what he's really capable of sometimes.

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