Saturday, October 16, 2010

40 Fun Facts

  1. Favorite meal of the day….Dinner - it's the only one that we spend time on and isn't usually rushed.
  2. Longest you have dated someone…4 years
  3. If you could, what plastic surgery would you have done…maybe
  4. Most spontaneous thing you have ever done...Can't say I'm overly spontaneous...
  5. Who would you call first if you were in jail…Joe
  6. What do you want to be doing in 10 years...taking care of my 3 boys :)
  7. How many states have you lived in…2
  8. Would you rather be married or single…married
  9. Favorite season…Spring
  10. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be…Weight
  11. Favorite thing to cook...Dinner
  12. Do you text or talk more on the phone…text
  13. Party hound or Home-body…Depends...some days it's home, some it's party
  14. What was the last piece of clothing you bought for YOU…Actually my friend bought it for me...:) A green dress.
  15. Did you go to prom with a date or friend… Well, it was an ex-boyfriend. What a fiasco.
  16. Favorite age so far…16 :)
  17. How many majors did you go through in college…1
  18. Favorite subject in high school…Science
  19. Favorite condiment…idk ketchup?
  20. If you could change the past, would you…maybe
  21. Do you still talk to your best friend from high school…yes
  22. Pedi, Mani or both…Pedi
  23. Do you like your in-laws…more like LOVE my in-laws!
  24. Favorite video game…Not into video games.
  25. Ever had a surprise party thrown for you…no
  26. Snow skiing or water skiing…water. I hate snow with a passion
  27. Favorite time to exercise...lunch
  28. Beef, Chicken or Fish…beef
  29. Cook or take-out...take-out
  30. Have you ever been on a blind date…no
  31. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning…not long
  32. Favorite Halloween costume…anything the boys are is super cute to me...I used to be a punk rocker every year so I could dye my hair.
  33. If you could change your first name, what would it be…I used to want to be a Jennifer. Now I like my name.
  34. Do you like your neighbors…So far. The others haven't moved in yet.
  35. Worst gift you have ever gotten…Can't think of one. I'm usually pretty easy to please.
  36. Favorite adult beverage…Anything that tastes good.
  37. Coffee or Tea…coffee
  38. Dream job…Nurse
  39. What star would you like to meet…Ben McKenzie.
  40. How many clocks are in your home…Seriously? at least 10...

Previous week....

Last Saturday this was my facebook status:

Community Garage Sales, Dry cleaning, Post office, Park to play, Lunch, soccer game, meeting Damon and Catherine from Vampire Diaries today with my girls!!! then having a bunch of girls over for scrapbooking/craft night tonight with most likely a fro-yo run in there some where. Ready....set...Go!

Yikes it was a busy day!! I was able to meet Damon and Catherine from the Vampire Diaries - for a whole 20 seconds. We stood in line for about 2 hours and met them for about 20 seconds. LOL. At least I got to meet some new friends of Vicki's.

Later that night Vicki, Melody and Amy came over and we scrapbooked until about 11pm. It was nice. I worked on my high school album. It's a scrapbook I made when I graduated high school but it was done in a sticky photo album which is really bad on your photos. So back in 2001 I worked on moving all the photos out of the album and into an actual scrapbook. Obviously I never finished it. Sooo since I don't have any photo paper for my printer I have been using existing photos I already have. Therefore I decided to finish this high school album. I can't believe the memories it brings back. I'm getting close to having it done and it feels so good to know that it's almost finished! I also scrapbooked yesterday and worked on it at the church that I scrapbook at. I love all this scrapbooking I'm doing!!

Monday was a federal holiday so Joe and I had the day off. Joe went golfing with the guys from work somewhere out in Fort Worth. Joey had school and I took Justin to daycare so I was able to relax. I came home and slept until 12pm. It felt so good!

I like days where I can do nothing - like sleep until noon. Then I feel bad for doing nothing! Seriously? Why can't I just take it easy and enjoy it instead of feeling guilty?

After I picked up Joey from school we went and picked up Justin and went to the local fire station to get a tour. We got to see where they eat, sleep, weight room and, of course, the fire trucks. They were so good to the boys and I! We had a great time. The boys got a fire hat and sticker for coming. Kevin, the fire fighter that gave me the tour said they wear the long bill in the back of their head so the fire doesn't go down their neck. I never knew that. The kids kept trying to wear the hat like a baseball cap. It was cute.

Joey stayed home from school on Thursday because he was sick and could not stop coughing. Justin stayed home too. Later that afternoon I walked into my bathroom and Justin is standing in the jacuzzi tub with about a 1/2 inch of water at the bottom, pants down, peeing into the tub. Really? Sometimes I just shake my head! Earlier they thought it would be a smart idea to dump the entire box of cereal into the Ikea egg chair and make their beyblades race through it. *shakes head*.... Oh and yes THEY cleaned it up, NOT mommy!

I recently updated to the Droid phone. I absolutely love it. It does so many things. The one thing I miss TERRIBLY is the blackberry messenger from my blackberry. I have tried finding a chat client like it with no luck. This week I finally searched the internet and found a chat client called 'kik messenger' and it is very much like the blackberry messenger except 1. It doesn't do photos and 2. You can't tell when someone is typing. What you CAN do is see when a message is sent, when it's delivered and when it's read. That is one function I missed a lot so this new chat is great. Plus it is always online so I don't have to worry about the other person starting up their chat client. It's not BBM but it's close enough for me to be happy!

The other cool app I like for my droid is the kindle. I recently tried it out and then paid $10 for a book and I'm reading Shrink Yourself on my kindle app on my droid. It's great. When I have a few minutes I can read a few pages of the book on my phone. Granted it's not a kindle, but it's also FREE on my droid. It works for me!

Joey sold a few of his Wii games on Amazon and got paid $25 for them today so he had money burning a hole in his pocket today. He's so sweet. He told Justin he could have $10 of it! He's such a sweet, caring brother.

Joe went with some guys from work to a golf course way out in east Texas - 2 1/2 hours away. He was gone the entire day today.

I took the boys to Walmart where they bought 3 beyblades (their new toy obsession). They are like tops that you can activate with a ripper stick. They battle in this arena and the top that is the last one to go down is the winner. They are built with metal and some are better at defense and others attack or stamina.

While I was at Walmart I stocked up on a few more swim trunks for the boys for next year since they were only $3 a piece. We swim a LOT in the summer when it's 100 degrees plus so having at least 4 pairs of swim trunks is crucial! On top of those deals they had Toy Story swim trunks and shirts selling for $1 as a pair together. You can't beat that deal! Justin is all set for next year!

We went to the library after that to get our books and movies. Every week or every other week we will go to our library and stock up on new books to read. We had a new library open not even a year ago and we use it all the time. Reading is very important in our family and I make sure the library is a fun place for my kids to go with the hope that they will love books like I did when I was a kid. When I was a kid my mother would take me to the library faithfully every single Saturday. I have very fond and happy memories of this time with her every weekend. I want my kids to have that same experience.

After lunch Joey had a soccer game. He played great again. He is so fast. I think he is definitely one of the fastest kids on the field and he's great at playing defense. He told me today that he loves soccer. It's his favorite sport. I'm so glad he found something he likes! We have an excellent coach too. She's so wonderful with the boys and is so patient with them. She is a great teacher and each of the boys on the team have done so well this year. I would have to also say we have almost won all of our games and I know it has to be from her great coaching. Her son, who is 27, also helps coach. He used to play select soccer so he works with the boys as well. We were so lucky to get on this team this year!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Elmer's Buzz

It's good to be a bzz agent. We get all sorts of products to tell you about for FREE!!

Here is the latest items we got:

Scrapbook supplies!!

Anyway I am still playing with all the goodies but my friends were here this weekend and Melody was using the corner rounder and said it works wonderful and a lot better than the one she has.

Try their new products out. I'll update buzz as I use them more!

The latest

Friday, October 8, 2010

Soccer goals!

This past Tuesday night Joey had a night soccer game. He came running over to us between plays and said, "If I get a goal can we go out for ice cream?" We all laughed and told him of course we would.

He takes the ball and runs it down the field for his first goal. I guess ice cream motivates!

A little later in the game he asked if he could have sprinkles too. I told him sure, get another goal. He did - his second goal of the season. We were so proud of him. Coach was proud of him. The parents were laughing and telling him he could get two scoops. It was exciting since it was about our 5th game this year and his first two goals. He was so excited he was beaming with pride.

I got my hair done this week. I went from blonde back to brunette with red and blonde highlights blended in. I love my hair lady, Beth. She's wonderful!

Thursday nights I've been hanging out with Vicki. We go to her house and watch Vampire Diaries. Tomorrow we are supposed to go and meet Damon and Catherine from the tv show. Should be fun. Vicki, of course, dragged me along with her. She loves to meet celebrities.

Justin is doing wonderful. He is learning how to play video games and is so proud of himself. He's working on mastering games on the leapster and vsmile and loves to play the games on my new Droid phone. I found out he's really good at memory, puzzles and knows most of his alphabet. He's a smart cookie. I really need to stop underestimating him. I know he's my 'baby' but I tend to underestimate what he's really capable of sometimes.