Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time in a bottle

I wish I could capture time in a bottle. Especially time that I spend with my children where they are well behaved and just sweet little boys.

The boys started back to school on the 23rd so we're finally back into a routine. Joey has to be at school by 8, which is a new time since it was 9am last year. I take Justin to daycare right after and then I start work. Every day the boys are in bed by 8:30 and so they are tired normally at that time now. In the summer they were going to bed at 10 and that was just getting really old.

The 8:30 time must be ok with them because they are waking up on their own at 6am. *sigh*. In my opinion that is a bit early but at least I don't have to wake them up in the morning and have them mad at me because they wanted to sleep.

School has been going well for both boys. We've had a few incidents though. Joey is having issues with his FM radio ear piece (he's deaf in one ear so he has an ear piece that allows him to hear the microphone located on his teacher's shirt) and he says it hurts so I had to call on that today. I'm having Justin evaluated for speech to make sure he's saying everything the way he should. Joey said he was cold two days ago and had issues with his teacher because he wasn't listening and then rolled on the floor angry. I sent him to school with a jacket today and she said he did behave better.

I got a call from Justin's school today. Justin has a lovely habit of touching himself - all the time. He really does look like Al Bundy from Married with Children. I have honestly caught him sitting on the couch with his hand sticking out of the top of his pants. So I guess at school he was touching himself and then taunting children with his now not so clean hand. We had to have a discussion about that tonight at the dinner table. Seriously? I feel like one of those mothers that think to themselves, do I really have to tell my child, 'No touching your penis and then running after other kids in your class with your dirty hand.'. *sigh* is all I can say. Just one big *sigh*....

Joe recently sold his transformer collection. Now we had them out for the longest time for the boys to play with and all they did was break some of them and never really got interested in them. So we sold them on ebay. Joe was hoping for about $600. We ended up getting $1300 before fees and shipping. I can't believe it.

That said a week ago my canon digital rebel finally died. It's been doing some funky shaking thing when I take pictures with it and then when I started to use it the shutter closed and would not open back up. It finally died a slow death. We went to Target, Costco, Best Buy and Walmart and finally got the 12 megapixel one from Walmart and so part of the money he got from his toys we are paying off the camera. The new Canon Digital Rebel I got is awesome. It takes wonderful pictures. Even Joe was impressed with it.

It rained here yesterday and today and we needed it so badly. We've hardly had any rain all summer here and everything is quite parched. The other nice thing about it raining is it brings down the temperature so it isn't blazing hot. For awhile there in August we had 103 temps every day. I like it hot but that gets old after awhile. When we visited Michigan in the end of July through the beginning of August we had mid 70s temps and it was sooooooo nice. I almost didn't want to leave.

That's about it for now. :)

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