Sunday, January 10, 2010

Haircuts and Legos

FB: Just vacuumed up my first lego and had to fish it out of the vacuum. I somehow don't think this will be the last time either :) ♥

It's haircut day. Boys are all getting haircuts. No more crazy hair.

Guess I should get off the pc and clean the house....

COPY THIS INTO YOUR STATUS AND SEE WHAT PEOPLE RATE YOU!!! 1) Crazy. 2) I'd Marry You. 3) Talkative. 4) Sarcastic. 5) I Miss You. 6) Club Head. 7) Moody. 8) Dumb. 9) Mouthy. 10) Spoilt. 11) Random. 12) Hot. 13) Funny. 14) Fit. 15) Amazing. 16)Tough. 17) Cute. 18) Gf/Bf Type. 19) Player. 20) I Love You. 21) The Best. 22)Couldn't live without on Friday

Michelle Paige Hutton: 3 & 13

Sarah Cotton
1 (in a good way), 3, 4 (but so am I, so I like that about you), 5, 13, 14 (I definately couldn't run as far you), 17, 21 (at doing S1 migrations....LOL)

Kimberly Griggs Madden 20

Jeremy Pawelek 23

Briana Fisher: Jermey if you are going to write in 23 you have to at least tell me what 23 is.

Kim - lol. Ditto

Jeremy Pawelek Saucy Mama


Monday Monday, can't trust that day ...

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