Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update on us...

Let's see what has happened this week...

Sunday we all went on a walk down the street in the evening like we normally do. Joey and Justin were racing ahead as usual. We told them not to go too far ahead, and what do they do? They go about 10 houses ahead of where we are walking. Justin fell off his scooter and started to cry. We did not walk faster to get to him because we told them this would happen and not to go too far ahead! He fell of his scooter the day before and scraped his knee a little bit so I figured he just got another minor scrape. He wasn't even crying that hard.

We caught up to him, finally, and he had blood coming down his chin. We looked at his chin and it's busted open. Joe asked me if it would need stitches and I said the way it looked there, yes but it may look worse then it is. We need to get home and get a rag and wipe it off.

We carried Justin home, I carried his scooter and Joey rolled ahead with his scooter. I ran inside and got a rag and Joe brought Justin inside. We wiped his chin and we both looked at each other and said, 'ER'.

We buckle Justin in the car, who has ceased crying, and give him the rag and let him put it on his chin.

We tear out of the driveway and on our way I called my friend, Vicki, to see if the local after hours acute care kids is open. We find out it is not. We were going to go to a local hospital but had a lot of billing issues after Joe's accident last year. She called one close to our house that JUST opened and they didn't even KNOW if they accepted our insurance. So we decided to go to another fairly new one close by.

I am so glad we decided to go to the Craig Ranch ER. Their paperwork was organized and quick. They got Justin back in less than 5 minutes. They agreed that they couldn't clue his chin together because the rip was too irregular and by this time it had stopped bleeding.

The poor child had to endure two pokes to the chin to numb it, and I don't really think it was numb because he was not so happy about getting the stitches. They were super quick and he was back to normal as soon as he was off the gurney.

He got two prizes from the toy chest and Justin was a new little man with two stitches in his chin. Joey, who was also there, was not phased in the least by Justin's ordeal because he was happily playing brick breaker on Joe's phone.

June 18th I went scrapbooking with the girls and had a blast. I got a bunch of pages done for my scrapbook. It was like my mojo was back and I was so happy. I believe I had 8 pages completed from just a few hours of scrapbooking and I was happy with what I did. It was so nice to hang out with the girls, talk and scrapbook.

We also hired a house cleaner to come in every other week. It's been quite challenging for me to keep up with this big house, my full time job, the kids and the laundry, etc. She came on Monday and spent 7 1/2 hours DEEP cleaning the house. She doesn't speak very good english so her sister in law called and asked if we knew the first clean was more. We didn't but we understand why. Now we have to work out a bi-weekly rate. She agreed to $75 but because of her limited language she may not have understood? Her sister in law said her rate is $90 so I told her we agreed to $75 so I am waiting to see where we stand on that. I'm sure it will get worked out and I'm not worried about it. She did an awesome job. She was up on our ladder, 20 feet in the air cleaning off our ceiling fans in our living room that we thought were too high for US to clean ourselves. She got on the counters in our bathroom and were cleaning our light fixtures. She did the baseboards, she did EVERYTHING. She even got the soap scum off our shower door that I have never been able to remove on my own. It was so worth the money. Even Joe agreed the house looked unbelievable.

You know your 6 yr old is growing up and thinking about things when a conversation about ghosts today leads to, 'Mom, why do they call it a ghost town if there are just no people in it, and no ghosts?' - This came a few weeks after the realization a fork is because it has FOUR(k) prongs and that a sucker is because you suck on it. The things that adults just take for granted. It's nice to see in the eyes of a child.

This week Michigan experienced an earthquake that originated in Canada. I was talking on instant messenger to someone at work and he typed, 'We just had an earthquake'. He knew, without a doubt, that is what it was. He said it shook the building. How crazy is that? I remember the one from, I think it was 1998. I worked at Dow Chemical and I was sitting in my chair and it felt like someone came up behind me and took my chair back and shook it back and forth a few times. I looked behind me and there was no one there. I went into the hallway to see if someone was playing a joke on me and a few other people were doing the same thing and we concluded there was an earthquake. It's rare to feel an earthquake in Michigan!

Wednesday we took the kids to the splash park. We couldn't go to the pool because Justin was not allowed to get his chin under water so we let them cool off in the splash park. We had Chickfila for dinner before that so it was a nice family night out.

Today we had a birthday party at a gym (that does gymnastics) for our friend Holden. Tomorrow we have one for Justin's friend Lucas. Wednesday Joey has a party for our neighbor Braxton. It will be a busy week for birthday parties!

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