Saturday, May 8, 2010

Updates for us

Joey looks dang funny without all his teeth. I will take a photo. He has one front tooth out and a tooth on the other side of the front tooth that hasn't fallen out. I expect the other front tooth to fall out any day because it's bleeding when we brush it and barely hanging on. Add on top of that another tooth that recently fell out on the bottom of his mouth and you have a little boy without a lot of teeth. I told him he better start growing those new teeth fast or he won't be eating corn on the cob this summer!

Justin is doing well. He just got over pink eye last week. Poor little guy. He hated the eye drops that I had to put in his eyes. I think it caused me anxiety for me than it did him by the time it was all over. On top of it Justin was taking antibiotics because he had a major sinus infection and she said if we would have waited any longer it would have been double ear infections. My poor kiddo :(

We've had really strange weather in Dallas this year. First of all it snowed like 4 times and we had more snow fall than Michigan. I am pretty sure we broke the all time record for most snow in a season (around 15 inches). It was a wild winter.

Then this spring we normally get a lot of rain and wind. We've had a LOT of wind, but hardly any rain and almost no storms. We've had 90 degree weather and then a high of 72 like today which is really cool. The ups and downs have been really weird when your body is trying to figure out what warm really is.

Joey has been getting weekly allergy shots on Friday. He gets two of them and he never even flinches. It's quite amazing how a 6 year old can get used to allergy shots and can care less about the fact he's getting them. We have him on a prescription allergy chewable medicine, he was taking another oral liquid medicine, which he's since stopped, and a nasal spray and for the first time in months he finally isn't completely congested all the time. He used to have such bad post nasal drip that I felt horrible for him. I'm glad we took him to the allergist and had him tested.

Joe has been good lately. He's so happy because we finally were able to get Direct Tv. AT&T merged with Direct TV so Joe dropped their cable service and got Direct Tv and now has the major league extra innings package so he gets almost every Detroit Tigers game. The man is in HEAVEN! We changed our home phone to the all digital line which is no long distance charges for only $35 a month and then dropped Vonage. We liked Vonage, but we dropped it because we needed our home line for the alarm system and we were able to get the same type of Vonage deal and use our home phone line.

I'm doing ok. I've had two bad weeks with eating a bunch of extra stuff I probably shouldn't have. I need to get back on track but so far with weight watchers I'm down about 12 :)

Here's a recent photo of me.

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