Saturday, May 15, 2010


Justin had pink eye and a sinus infection and after a round of antibiotics his sinus infection didn't sound any better. I made an appt with his ENT instead of taking him back to the pediatrician. They looked at him and said his tonsils are gigantic so he has surgery to have them removed, along with adenoids if they are there (I guess they can grow back) and to insert tubes since one of his ears has a ton of fluid again. Poor baby!! So his surgery is scheduled and we are waiting for the date to arrive.

Joey has one front tooth left on top and it's barely hanging on. I keep wanting to literally pull it out for him! augh!! It's so frustrating seeing that and not being able to take it out! When I was a kid I remember literally pulling, twisting and ripping out a tooth! LOL.

The last few weeks have been kinda hard on me. Just a lot emotionally going on. Not sure if it's hormonal, or what. I've been wanting to move back home because I miss my family, eating not so great and not working out as much as I should and just feeling generally crummy. Today is the first day in awhile I started to feel a bit better.

I am getting really hard on myself when the house isn't totally clean. I follow flylady ( but sometimes I just need the motivation to get up and clean. Like right now I'm chilling out on my computer and I feel guilty because I'm not cleaning. I always feel guilty when I'm having some 'me' time. If I take a nap then I feel guilty for not exercising instead. It's just me being hard on ME!

I had the realization earlier this week that I am quite a perfectionist and I thought it only followed me into my professional life and with cleaning. For the longest time I wouldn't clean unless it was done perfectly. I had to learn through flylady that even work done not perfect still blessed my family.

The other day I thought about scrapbooking and photography. These are my hobbies and I enjoy them but lately they have felt like chores. I finally realized why. Every time I scrapbook or pick up my camera I am so hard on myself to make or capture the perfect moment. I can't just pick up my camera to take photos. I need to have the right lens, the right lighting, the right moment and such. All this stresses me out and taxes me mentally so much that I just don't pick up my camera anymore. Isn't that sad?!??!? I was so sad at this realization that I had to sit back and remind myself that not every moment has to be perfect. I need to now take steps to put my camera in the car so I can use it when we go out.

That is all that is going on around here. The weather is getting nicer and is in the 80s most days. We haven't had much rain this spring. I keep hoping for storms but every time they say we have rain in the forecast we normally don't get anything.


Melissa said...

Hang in there girl! I know how you feel! Maybe you just need a vacation in FL and you can come visit me and we can go take photos, scrapbook, and lay on the beach! =) Sounds good to me!!

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