Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So far so good. They just to Justin back. He was really good so far.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Justin was great going into surgery. The Dr. showed me a photo of his two tonsils next to a quarter and they were literally as big as the quarter. He let me keep the photo :) He woke up crying, went back to sleep and woke up fine. He rode on a wheelchair out and threw up twice on the way home :( He's ok now, sleeping upstairs. He's so sweet!! ♥

11am and Justin is awake and happily eating ice cream. His voice sounds so much clearer.

I swear some days I could just spend hours on facebook. I know my house would be so much cleaner without it but I'd miss keeping up with my friends, many who are so far away!! ♥

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers today. Justin has had two naps and has woken up happy, ate a good dinner, and has been running around like nothing ever happened. Children are so amazing!! ♥

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