Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend update....

Joey had two birthday parties this weekend. One of them was for a girl in his class. As we were leaving the girl he has a crush on was walking up with her parents. I told Elizabeth that Joey was there and would be very happy to see her. She smiled and said, "I'll be very happy to see Joey too". It was so cute.

I told Elizabeth's mom that Joey has a crush on Elizabeth and she laughed and said Joey was one her of her favorites too. It was just sooo cute.

After the party we asked Joey if he saw his girl and he said yes. And I said, "Joey, who's your girl?" and he says with a silly grin on his face, 'Elizzzaaaabeetttthhhhh'. It was sooo cute.

It was nice Saturday evening. Joey had a birthday party for Jack from 4-6 and so we went to Brandy's to give her Justin's Thomas bike and she gave us a Diego ride on tricycle. Justin loves it.

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen. I wasn't hungry and didn't get anything. Justin and Joe each got a chocolate covered Dilly bar.

A little later we picked up Joey and ate a late dinner. I went over to Vicki's to watch New Moon and have a girl's night. It was nice.

Sunday was a lazy day. It was chilly outside and raining. Joey lost his fourth tooth eating a gummy vitamin! Nothing much went on today except we cleaned.

That's about it to share!


Kristin said...

Great weekend story, sounds fun!

Melissa said...

Totally cute blog redo!!